The Data Axle is our real-time data platform that connects your business to contextually relevant information from millions of businesses.

The Data Axle® enables your business to connect to various hubs of content and information assets in real-time utilizing fast, scalable open-source technology. The platform is able to handle massive amounts of data, making interactions in the now possible for everything from multi-channel marketing campaigns to customer acquisition plans. Every piece of data can be tracked and used at just the right moment to optimize customer interaction and drive revenue for your business.

How does the Data Axle® work? 

  • Each data point is tracked at the element level, including source, time, and prior values
  • All changes to a record or element are visible through the timeline tool
  • Drives data from one application to another, delivering data where and when it is needed
  • Leverage the power of the Data Axle® to accelerate and maximize your data assets, marketing campaigns and overall business.

To find out more about how to start using the Data Axle®, contact us.