Devang Kothari
Chief Technology Officer, Data Axle™

Devang Kothari is the Chief Technology Officer for the Data Axle™. He oversees all technical aspects of the Data Axle™ platform from the development of its features to server operations and performance.

The Data AxleTM connects information hubs in a real-time architecture where each hub, regardless of proprietary or third party data source, can be leveraged into applications. By utilizing the Data AxleTM, clients of Infogroup can manage their assets more effectively, tying together the right variety of data elements at the right time.

Prior to joining Infogroup, Mr. Kothari was one of the original founders of GoTime Corporation where he served as the Chief Technology Officer. In this capacity, he was the lead architect and developer of the GoTime Content Platform where he built a number of systems including: a distributed crawling system, versioning system, CMS, call center, data pipeline and data processing. In addition to this, he drove cloud migration, Chef migration, and storage and server management for all GoTime websites. Since Infogroup’s acquisition of GoTime in 2012, he has played a major role in driving the integration of this leading edge technology into the Data Axle™ and across the business.

Prior to co-founding GoTime, Mr. Kothari worked as an associate and consultant for J.P. Morgan in Identity and Access Management and for Ernst & Young for their Security and Technology Solutions.

Mr. Kothari received a B.S. in Computer Science from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.