DAC Group Reports 20-25% Increase in Customers' Visibility by Utilizing Infogroup's Online Business Management Service, Express Update

Digital Agency DAC Group Pleased with Results and Renews Agreement with Infogroup for Local Search Business Listings

(OMAHA, NE) –March 23, 2012. Infogroup, the leading provider of high-value data and multichannel marketing solutions, and DAC Group, a digital and directory advertising agency, today announced they have renewed their Express Update agreement with Infogroup’s Data Licensing division to provide customers of DAC Group with improved online business listing visibility in the local search community. A leader in the market, Infogroup’s Data Licensing division provides local business listings and Points of Interest (POI) data for navigation, local search, and location-based service (LBS) applications.

DAC Group has chosen to renew utilizing Infogroup’s Express Update for submitting local listings for their clients. Express Update provides a single-step process for both Infogroup data partners and local businesses to add, update and enhance their business listings. It enables those locations to then be distributed to a wide network of outlets, including the top search engines, navigation devices, Internet Yellow Pages, directory-assistance (411) services and more.

"Infogroup has been a strong partner for us in the location based services space and is central to our industry leading solutions. Their offering is also a critical component of our broader digital marketing programs. Without accurate and timely business listings, location-based marketing innovations such as mobile, proximity based bidding and local extensions in paid search are almost impossible,” said Norm Hagarty, CEO, DAC Group. "Another critical way that Infogroup perfectly complements DAC Group is that when we match up the listing information they syndicate with our proprietary PAGEtorrent platform, it completes the path of relevancy at the local level. This leads to an average 20-25% increase in the visibility of the listing. This obviously has major implications on the health of the program, driving organic traffic, and an increase in conversion rates. The net result is industry leading costs per acquisition across the board."

“Clients, like DAC Group, will soon be able to increase the speed of updates for online business listings and detailed data delivery with Infogroup’s recent acquisition of GoTime Inc. and the launch of the real-time Data Axle™ platform,” stated Christian J. Ward, Chief Data Officer, Infogroup. “The Express Update solution will leverage this new architecture, providing clients with added functionality and timeliness to ensure that vital business data is as accurate as possible. Increases in performance results like those of DAC Group are exemplary of where this technology is taking our business.”

“We are delighted with the results reported by DAC Group and look forward to continuing our work together. Our goal for DAC Group has always been to provide local businesses the opportunity for a one-stop distribution of their locations to the marketplace. With Infogroup and DAC Group’s collaboration these businesses are incorporated into Infogroup’s database and distributed broadly. This partnership emphasizes Infogroup’s commitment to providing the highest quality data for our partners in the local search, navigation and mobile space,” said Jim DeRouchey, SVP of Database Licensing. “We love to deliver outstanding results for our clients and are anticipating greater outcomes for DAC Group as we increase functionality and speed with the Data Axle™.”

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