Infogroup Acquires GoTime, Inc., Launches the Data Axle™ for Real-Time Data

Acquires Real-Time Data platform and Incorporates this with Its High Quality Data to Create the Data Axle™, Instantaneous Access to Data for Businesses and Clients.

(OMAHA, NE) – March 2, 2012 – Infogroup, the leading provider of high-value data and multichannel marketing solutions, announced the acquisition of Seattle based GoTime, Inc., a data management platform company specializing in high value data acquisition and delivery.  The GoTime platform drives data from any source, including local venue owners, to publishers and applications in real time.  While the GoTime platform has distinguished itself in the market as the number one provider of accurate Happy Hour data, it is their modern architecture and capabilities that will enable Infogroup to amplify their industry-leading data assets

“GoTime has built one of the most comprehensive solutions in the industry around both local content and real-time data management,” stated Michael Iaccarino, Chairman and CEO, Infogroup. “By combining the capabilities of GoTime’s platform technology with the industry leading data assets of Infogroup, we will bring a completely new data platform to the marketplace that takes real-time data, from source to client, while still maintaining the highest quality standards that clients of Infogroup demand.”

GoTime leverages a number of modern technologies to power its current infrastructure and solve each client's needs for faster and more robust data access. At the core of the system is a highly scalable Cassandra and Elastic Search platform. By leveraging this modern architecture, Infogroup will be able to scale its data acquisition more efficiently while increasing its speed and delivery capabilities. Integration of Infogroup business data, including local content, is underway and Infogroup will continue to build upon the GoTime architecture to deliver all of its data assets to clients in the near future.  

“We are thrilled to merge the power of our platform with the strength of Infogroup’s data,” stated Jeff Khadavi, CEO, GoTime. “This combination brings a one-of-a-kind solution into the data industry that is thus far unmatched. It represents an amazing opportunity for our clients and their customers.” 

The GoTime platform, which provides intuitive user interfaces on top of each data store, will power the Infogroup Data Axle™. The Infogroup Data Axle ™ connects data hubs in a real-time architecture where each hub, regardless of proprietary or third party data source, can be leveraged into applications by each Infogroup client.  By utilizing the Data Axle™, clients of Infogroup can manage their assets more effectively, tying together the right variety of data elements at the right time.

 An example of this increase in efficiency can be seen in the search and navigation market. Infogroup is currently the leading provider of local business listings and Points of Interest (POI) data for navigation, local search, and location-based service (LBS) applications. With this acquisition, Infogroup will be able to leverage real-time data to providers of restaurant, entertainment, fuel prices, coupon deals and other verticals by adding data elements as they occur. This will create a seamless connection between the application’s goals and the data it requires. Additionally, the Data Axle™ provides complete revision history capabilities, so that every data element can be tracked through time, resulting in total transparency of sources, confidence, and ultimately, quality.

“Most data vendors, data providers, and data platforms operate in a fragmented, snapshot paradigm, where data is delivered and updated on regular intervals with very limited flexibility,” stated Michael Aronowitz, President and CMO, Saveology, “This ‘deliver and replace’ structure creates a lag in time, which slows down the ability to reach customers in a rapidly mobile and instantaneous market. Infogroup’s GoTime acquisition has multiple implications for addressing this issue. Providing real-time targeted information which updates as quickly as the customer’s needs change, can give Saveology the ability to supply customers with the deals they want in the moment they want it. We pride ourselves in bringing value to our customers through our highly targeted discount offers and are anxious to realize the potential benefits of this disruptive technology.”

“As Infogroup continues to expand the capabilities of the Data Axle™, the GoTime acquisition will bring real-time data and a timeline view of every data element to our clients,” said Christian J. Ward, Chief Data Officer of Infogroup.  “Both our clients and the broader marketplace have been very clear about the need for real-time data access, but they cannot afford to sacrifice quality for speed. GoTime enhances the Data Axle™, providing Infogroup clients the ability to see every change in their data through time, uncover the triggers and relationships that drive engagement, utlize this data to build their business— all in real-time while benefiting from an even higher level of quality assurance.”

To learn more about how the Data Axle™ can help your business, please contact Katie Robinson, Marketing Assistant, Data Licensing


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