Infogroup Bolsters Leading Edge Business Intelligence with Jaspersoft BI

Analytics and Reporting Strengthened Across All Infogroup Businesses

(OMAHA, NE) –April 2, 2012 – Infogroup, the leading provider of high-value real-time data and multichannel marketing solutions, today announced they have chosen Jaspersoft Business Intelligence (BI), the most widely used BI software on the market, to provide a suite of BI offerings for clients. Leveraging Jaspersoft’s technology and cloud computing platform enables Infogroup clients, across all businesses, to analyze, report and model from its real-time high value data in a few easy steps. This BI solution is an enhancement to Infogroup’s Data Axle ™ platform which connects data hubs between internal and external data sets in real-time.

Jaspersoft is the leader in BI with the most widely utilized software globally. Its products span the continuum of BI tools from production reporting to end-user query analysis and dashboards. It utilizes over 120,000 registered members in its open source community to evolve based on the BI needs of its clients.

Clients of all Infogroup businesses will benefit from the enhancement of reporting technology. Some highlights will include:

  • Increased data visualization capabilities providing access to enhanced reporting
  • Real-Time actionable insights from modeling frameworks
  • Comprehensive reporting and KPI’s
  • Integration of data from multiple sources and systems for analysis, utilizing both client, third party and Infogroup data
  • Customized dashboards for clients to access in real-time via their laptops, mobile phones, and tablets. 

“Jaspersoft will enable our clients to evolve beyond traditional reporting and into next generation analytics,” stated Michael Iaccarino, Chairman and CEO, Infogroup.  “Easy access to results from any device and at any time is no longer a luxury for our clients, it is a necessity.  Jaspersoft provides this flexibility through its compatibility with existing operating systems and advanced user interface. With features like these, we can provide the ability to analyze and report intuitively, while leveraging the strength of our Data Axle™ in real-time. The combination of our products and solutions coupled with Jaspersoft BI is the perfect complement to all of our businesses.”

“Jaspersoft’s reputation and expertise in the Business Intelligence market was what attracted us to them,” stated Purandar Das, CTO, Enterprise Solutions. “We knew our clients needed easily accessible analytics, but had limited time for reporting. Our ability to provide immediate answers utilizing Jaspersoft is a key factor.  Our clients need results now, not after being trained on a new platform. Jaspersoft’s development community of over 250,000 registered members, enables it to constantly innovate and provide new capabilities. Our collaboration with Jaspersoft at an Enterprise level ensures that we have Jaspersoft’s support for our deployments. Now clients can analyze and report whenever and however they need to, utilizing end-user focused procedures. We are looking forward to working with Jaspersoft across all of our businesses to give each of our clients, from small business to enterprise, the benefits of this technology.”

“We are delighted to be chosen by Infogroup,” stated Jim Bell, CMO, Jaspersoft. “It was clear to us that Infogroup made this move in order to better service their growing clientele. With this technology alignment, not only are we able to meet the needs of Infogroup as our client, we are also able to meet the needs of clients throughout the Infogroup businesses, from the local flower shop owner all the way up to Fortune 500 companies. It’s an exciting opportunity.” 

“We are excited about deepening our relationship with Jaspersoft,” Stated Michael Fisher, President, Yesmail Interactive. “Enhancing our analytical and modeling capabilities in a near real time manner using Jaspersoft BI will propel our Yesmail Interactive Suite and Yesmail Market Intelligence Solution past our competition and greatly increase the value we bring to our clients.”

According to Purandar Das, “These enhancements are scheduled to take place in a phased approach throughout 2012. We are always looking to adapt in order to meet the needs of clients in an agile manner. This is just one example.”
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