Infogroup Targeting Solutions and Apigee Collaborate to Bring APIs to Developers at the Touch of a Button

(OMAHA, NE and PALO ALTO, CA) – March 22, 2012 – Infogroup Targeting Solutions, the leading provider of analytically driven consumer and business data and database marketing solutions which increase sales and customer loyalty for enterprise companies, and Apigee, the API company, today announced they are providing developers seamless access to Infoconnect, Infogroup’s Enterprise API (Application Programming Interface) solution. Through Apigee's enterprise API management platform, Apigee Enterprise, Infogroup has increased the ability for developers to connect to the Data Axle®, Infogroup’s real-time data platform that connects data hubs between internal and external data sources. 

Apigee enables companies to realize their API strategies with technology that makes it easier for developers and providers to explore and use APIs. Apigee Enterprise is a robust management platform for the most demanding APIs. With Apigee Enterprise, Infogroup can reduce the complexity of delivering APIs, drive developer adoption, analyze and control API usage, and easily scale as its API channels grow. 

Utilizing Apigee Enterprise, developers can now easily access the high-value data available in the Data Axle™ through the Infoconnect API to create or enhance their web/mobile/custom applications or sites.  Having access to real-time data, as it changes, has significant benefit to the developer community as they continue to innovate around social, mobile, and local data sets.  Infogroup recognizes the need to bring more real-time data to the developer to meet the growing demand for location and time-specific applications.  As customers and clients increase their use of this type of data flexibility and speed, the Apigee Enterprise solution will grow Infogroup’s ability to answer that demand.   Some of the benefits that the developer community will gain from this collaboration between Infogroup Targeting Solutions and Apigee include:

  • A seamless integration of Infogroup data and matching logic into existing or new applications. 
  • Agile accessibility to Infogroup’s high value data in order to ensure accuracy in the latest iPad, iPhone, or Android applications. 
  • A synthesis of Infoconnect match into an existing CRM to eliminate errors when adding new contacts. 
  • Freedom of testing for developers. Developers can now register, download a key, start coding and test, some of which can be done at no charge.

“We decided to utilize Apigee’s API expertise, in order to provide the development community access to our data quickly and easily,” stated Don Patrick, President of Infogroup Targeting Solutions. “Allowing this community to access our Data Axle® through Infoconnect is an example of how we are constantly innovating and further enhancing our products and services in order to deliver for our clients. By doing so, our clients can experience cost reductions, superior data in real-time and increase overall ROI.” 

“We are delighted for the opportunity to align with Infogroup Targeting Solutions to accelerate adoption and use of its Infoconnect API,” stated Chet Kapoor, Apigee CEO. “Infogroup has extremely valuable data that software developers can now easily integrate into mobile apps and websites, expanding the Infogroup brand to a broader range of customers and markets.  The Infoconnect API demonstrates Infogroup's innovation leadership, fostering an ‘app ecosystem’ around the Infogroup brand and data."

About Infogroup Targeting Solutions
Infogroup Targeting Solutions helps companies increase sales and customer loyalty through analytically driven consumer and business data and database marketing solutions.  With exclusive access to the Data AxleTM, we build multichannel solutions using contextually relevant information on 220MM individuals and 21MM businesses.

About Apigee 
Apigee is the leading provider of API products and technology for enterprises and developers. Hundreds of companies including AT&T, Netflix, eBay, Pearson, and Gilt Groupe as well as thousands of developers use Apigee to simplify the delivery and management of APIs.  Learn more at
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