Yesmail Interactive Announces Partnership with Leading Consumer Destination, Saveology

Yesmail Leverages Its Leading E-Mail Capabilities Through Sophisticated Targeting Initiative— Offering Millions of Customers Cost Savings

(PORTLAND, OR) – February 29, 2012 – Yesmail Interactive, an Infogroup company, that powers intelligent customer interactions, today announced a technology partnership with Saveology.  With this agreement, Yesmail Interactive will serve as Saveology’s new cross-channel marketing provider and will deliver an enterprise level support model to facilitate customer engagement and campaign automation through its Yesmail Interactive Suite.

Saveology is a leading consumer destination focused on lowering the cost of living by providing valuable cost savings, information and services. The organization delivers this philosophy through its two operating divisions: Saveology Home Services and Saveology Deals. Each provides core value to the consumer by identifying those offers appropriate to particular needs, coordinating promotional offerings through personalized outreach.

"Saveology is all about providing great savings opportunities to consumers through highly targeted and personalized offers.  We chose Yesmail Interactive to power our offers because of their proven ability to provide strategy, creative and execution to increase engagement and loyalty for their clients,” said Barry Newman, CTO, Saveology Deals.

The ability to leverage the Yesmail Interactive Suite provides Saveology enhanced capabilities to deliver relevant and highly targeted offers to customers, automating real-time delivery. A key component to the partnership is each company’s commitment to integrating data systems and analytics to provide more targeted and relevant offers.

"Our team is thrilled to be working with Saveology.  By leveraging the Yesmail Interactive Suite, Saveology will be able to provide more personalized offers and increased costs savings to its millions of customers. This will also allow Saveology to increase engagement with their customers, more effectively measure ROI conversion and a one-to-one connection in overall operations," said Michael Fisher, President of Yesmail Interactive.

About Saveology
Saveology is a leading Internet-based, direct-to-consumer marketing platform, driving revenue through two primary channels. Through our performance-based Home Services division, Saveology markets and operates over 100 licensed websites providing video, Internet, phone and home security services to consumers for Fortune 200 companies. In addition, our owned and operated channel features two of the fastest growing brands in the tech support and e-commerce space, MyTechHelp and To subscribe to Saveology Deals, visit  

About Yesmail Interactive
We power intelligent customer interactions.  We give you the insights to recognize and understand your customer to deliver contextually relevant digital communications- while respecting their preferences and privacy.  We help marketers evolve their customer relationships through intelligent interactions via technology, insights and services in a near real time multi-channel environment.  We help you compete in the age of the customer. For more information, call 1-877-YESMAIL or visit

About Infogroup
Infogroup helps companies increase sales and customer loyalty through its high-value data and innovative multi-channel digital and offline marketing solutions.  Infogroup enables its clients – from local businesses to Fortune 100 companies – to target, connect with and engage their most valuable audiences.  With cutting edge technology and analytics bolstered by our proprietary, real-time Data Axle ™ of contextually relevant information on more than 220 million individuals and 21 million businesses, Infogroup delivers the complete spectrum of value added data, direct and digital marketing solutions. For more information, please visit