Our study looked at 728 cities with a population of more than 50,000 and their love for coffee shops and found a correlation between the cities with the most coffee shops and their affinity to be green.

To compile the list of the top 10 cities, we overlaid data from both our business and consumer databases. The bubble chart below shows all 728 cities with at least 50,000 residents aggregated by region.

Western cities appear to have the highest concentration of coffee shops, making up 80% of our top 10 cities.

Given western stereotypes, it should be no surprise that further analysis revealed Infogroup's Green Adopters (GA) for businesses, which identifies B2B prospects that are most likely to adopt eco-friendly measures, positively correlated with coffee shops per capita.

All cities with population >50,000 by Census Region. The larger the diameter, the more coffee shops per 10,000 residents.

The US Map represents Infogroup’s Green Adopter Score by State:


The GA assigns a score from 0 to 5, 0 being the least likely to adopt, and 5 being the most. The distribution is symmetric with 20% receiving a 0 or 5 (i.e. 10% to 0's and 10% to 5's), 30% a 1 or 4, and 50% a 2 or 3, resulting in an average score of 2.5.

The line graph illustrates the relationship between coffee shops per capita and the average GA score of the city. While not all cities have a mutual affinity for dry roast and recycling, 9 of the top 10 coffee cities possess an above average GA score, and 6 of the top 10 rank inside the top 100 greenest cities in the study.


Infogroup's high-quality business data was supplemented with demographic information from its consumer database to give marketers a profile of each city. In addition to industry statistics on coffee shops, the GA model, and Census population data, the following Infogroup data attributes were examined*:

•Employment Size – Estimated number of employees at the city level for a firm
•Sales Volume – Estimated sales volume at the city level from an industry
•Marriage Rates – Estimated percentage of households married
•Home Ownership Rates – Estimated percentage of home owners
•Home Value – Estimated average home value
•Income – Estimated average income
•TargetReady Models –Average model score for household behaviors and attitudes

TargetReady is Infogroup's suite of models which identify the likelihood of engaging in a particular behavior or having a certain attitude, which were used to reveal and validate some of the interesting facts about each city included below.

* Infogroup city aggregation was performed using USPS city boundaries.


Click on the city name to view the results from the study

  1    Santa Monica, CA

5.1 Coffee Shops [p/10K]
92 Population [1000’s]
3.6 Green Adopter Score (Out of 5)
18 Married [%]
27 Home Ownership [%]
1149 Home Value [$1000’s]
125 Income [$1000’s]

Beach front sunny Santa Monica comes in at #1 on our list for most coffee shops per capita at 5.1. With just over 10,000 businesses verified on the Infogroup Business Database, major employers include Universal Music Group, St John's Health Center, and the UCLA Health System. While healthcare is big business so are movies; Santa Monica is the only city in our top 10 with significant revenues from the Motion Picture industry. So chalk this one up to thirsty directors and tired doctors, who make Santa Monica the number one coffee city in the country!

  2    Redmond, WA

4.9 Coffee Shops [p/10K]
58 Population [1000’s]
4.3 Green Adopter Score (Out of 5)
25 Married [%]
62 Home Ownership [%]
520 Home Value [$1000’s]
144 Income [$1000’s]

Coming in at #2 – Redmond, WA, home of tech giant Microsoft. The sprawling campus itself employs around 40,000 individuals, which is more than 68% of the entire town! With so many residents working for one company, Redmond registers the fewest number of verified businesses on the Infogroup Business Database, just 4,526, fewest in the top 10. It's also the only city without a hospital or healthcare service as a major employer. The city is a location for a number of nationally known high-tech and biomedical companies such as Terex Ariel Platforms, Honeywell (Aerospace), and Physio-control Inc.

Redmond's businesses received the second highest GA score in the top 10, and 9th of all cities in the study. Moreover, Infogroup’s Consumer TargetReady Models show a tendency to shop at specialty organic stores; purchase food labeled organic, and participate in environmental groups/causes.

Picture Attribution:
"Bicycle Capital of the Northwest" by Chrismiceli - Own work. Licensed under CC0 via Wikimedia Commons

  3    Everett, WA

4.5 Coffee Shops [p/10K]
105 Population [1000’s]
3.9 Green Adopter Score (Out of 5)
36 Married [%]
50 Home Ownership [%]
272 Home Value [$1000’s]
73 Income [$1000’s]

Soaring in at #3 is Everett, WA, the 6th largest City in Washington State and home to the largest building in the world1 – a Boeing Manufacturing plant employing roughly 39,000 residents2 .  The presence of Boeing could be the primary driver for high sales volume in the Special Trade Contractors and Engineers, Accounting, Research, Management, and Related Services industries.

The Everett Naval Station employs a significant portion of the city and sailors must love to fish; TargetReady Model for Saltwater Fishing ranks second among all models for Everett, which is home to the largest public marina on the west coast3.

1“The world's largest building — the Boeing plant in Everett — is about to get even bigger” – Business Journal - October 24, 2014.

Picture Attribution:
"Everett Station - Everett skyline, 2014" by SounderBruce - Own work. Licensed under CC BY 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons

  4    Medford, OR

4.4 Coffee Shops [p/10K]
78 Population [1000’s]
4 Green Adopter Score (Out of 5)
43 Married [%]
59 Home Ownership [%]
232 Home Value [$1000’s]
60 Income [$1000’s]

Adventure seekers, come one, come all to Medford, Oregon! The only city to rank highly for TargetReady Model: Adventure Seekers; citizens are likely to enjoy rock climbing, cycling, skateboarding, whitewater rafting, and other adventurous activities. Medford's economy is primarily dominated by the healthcare industry. Major healthcare employers include Asante Rogue Regional Medical Center and Providence Medford Medical Center. Medford is also home to Harry and David Holdings, one of the largest direct marketers of fruit and food gifts in the US. As the old saying goes, "Medford, get a cup of coffee and a Christmas gift for your in-laws." Well, maybe it’s not an old saying yet, but we think it'll catch on.

Picture Attribution:
"Welcome to medford oregon" by ZabMilenko at en.wikipedia - Transferred from en.wikipedia to Commons by User:Jay8g using CommonsHelper.. Licensed under Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons

  5    Vancouver, WA

4.2 Coffee Shops [p/10K]
167 Population [1000’s]
4 Green Adopter Score (Out of 5)
46 Married [%]
59 Home Ownership [%]
245 Home Value [$1000’s]
71 Income [$1000’s]

The people have spoken, and they demand coffee! The citizens of Vancouver are very opinionated, scoring highly for TargetReady Model: Opinion Leader. The model looks at the likelihood that a household will write or call a politician, TV show, or give a speech to influence public policy. While voter turnout for the 2014 mid-term election set record lows at just 36.6% nationally1, Vancouver's county saw 50.7% of its eligible citizens go to the polls2. Vancouver boasts a diverse economy with top employers in the healthcare, restaurant, and communications industries, and much like the rest of Washington State posts a high GA score.


Picture Attribution:
"Esther Short Park" by Cory Barnes from Vancouver, WA, United States - Esther Short Park. Licensed under CC BY 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons

  6    Sarasota, FL

4.1 Coffee Shops [p/10K]
53 Population [1000’s]
2.4 Green Adopter Score (Out of 5)
40 Married [%]
76 Home Ownership [%]
292 Home Value [$1000’s]
73 Income [$1000’s]

Sarasota is the black sheep of the study; it ranks 6th for coffee shops per capita and 395th for GA score. How did they pull that off? The truth is Sarasota has a lot of everything, not just coffee shops. Take Redmond, WA, another member of our top 10: a town with 58,000 residents and 4,500 verified businesses on the Infogroup Business Database. Sarasota has nearly the same population, but is home to 20,000 verified businesses! In fact, this study conducted by Infogroup from 2013 looked at the top bar cities per capita for the 100 most populated U.S cities. If Sarasota had been included as the 101st city, it would have ranked 8th at 8.1 bars per 10,000 residents. So what can we say about Sarasota's economy? The data doesn't lie; Sarasota is a hotspot for retirees and tourists. Major employers include several healthcare institutions, Publix supermarkets, and The Sarasota County Sheriff's Patrol. Rowdy spring-breakers won't have any trouble finding a bar, or a hospital, or a jail cell. Sarasota has it all.

  7    Seattle, WA

4.1 Coffee Shops [p/10K]
652 Population [1000’s]
4.4 Green Adopter Score (Out of 5)
53 Married [%]
52 Home Ownership [%]
479 Home Value [$1000’s]
77 Income [$1000’s]

Was there ever a doubt? The birth place of Starbucks finally made in onto the list at number seven. Seattleites might be disappointed they weren't number one for coffee shops, but be proud Seattle; you beat out the rest of the top ten for GA score, and ranked fourth out of all 728 cities in the study. In fact, the city announced it was committed to being America's first climate neutral city by 20301. All this green innovation must be coming from somewhere. Our best guess: The University of Washington, one of Seattle’s largest employers. It is consistently one of top performing public Universities in the country2, and at 4.1 coffee shops per capita, students should have no trouble pulling an all-nighter.


  8    Auburn, WA

4 Coffee Shops [p/10K]
75 Population [1000’s]
3.7 Green Adopter Score (Out of 5)
48 Married [%]
67 Home Ownership [%]
274 Home Value [$1000’s]
67 Income [$1000’s]

Auburn, the last of the Puget Sound cities to make our list, keeps a profile similar to that of its siblings Redmond and Everett. Like Everett, Boeing appears to be a driving force behind the economy in Auburn. In addition to being the city's largest employer1, it affects another major employer, Green River Community College, which offers a signature program in Aviation Technology2. Green River must also be churning out activists, as the city is the second to rank highly for TargetReady Model: Opinion Leader. Take a break from studying and head down to Emerald Downs, Auburn's one mile horse track, which according to Infogroup, employs 650 people. As a result, Auburn is the only city in our top 10 to see significant sales volume from Amusement and Recreation Services.


Picture Attribution:
"Train07" by Titanicdog98002 (talk) - self-made. Licensed under Public Domain via Wikipedia

  9    Minneapolis, MN

3.9 Coffee Shops [p/10K]
400 Population [1000’s]
3.5 Green Adopter Score (Out of 5)
30 Married [%]
58 Home Ownership [%]
239 Home Value [$1000’s]
73 Income [$1000’s]

Minneapolitans love hot coffee and hoops. TargetReady Models Sports Fan: College Basketball and Sports Fan: Professional Basketball rank first and third, respectively. What's second? Going to the gym, because let's face it, it's too cold to exercise outside. The retail industry thrives in Minneapolis where the city sees significant sales volume from the retail sector; Target leads the way. And for a Midwestern city, Minneapolis boasts a GA score of 3.5, well above the national average.

  10    Bellingham, WA

3.9 Coffee Shops [p/10K]
83 Population [1000’s]
4.2 Green Adopter Score (Out of 5)
39 Married [%]
58 Home Ownership [%]
300 Home Value [$1000’s]
68 Income [$1000’s]

Rounding out the top 10 is our 6th Washington State city, Bellingham, with 3.9 coffee shops per capita. However, coffee shops aren't the only popular drink in Bellingham, TargetReady Model: Wine Lovers ranks number one, and predicts the likelihood that a household will consume five or more glasses of wine per week. Major employers include Peace Health St. Joseph Medical Center, Western Washington University, and Haggen Inc.

Picture Attribution:
"Aerial View of Bellingham, Washington" by Nick Kelly / Faithlife Corporation - Faithlife Corporation. Licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0 via Wikimedia Commons