Manual or automatic.
The choice is yours.

Data Axle features multiple products that allow you to access and leverage Infogroup’s industry leading data assets directly from our platform. Each product gives you the flexibility to do your own processing or to leverage our expert team along the way as needed.



Get insights about your data and perform data enrichment using our intuitive web-based interface.



Develop apps and do prospecting, enrichment, and analysis in real time within your own products and applications.

CRM Integrations


Enrich and prospect directly within your CRM using a pre-built Data Axle integration.

Managed Services

Managed Services

Leverage our data knowhow and technical expertise to perform data enrichment, prospecting, and analysis.


Where do you want to drive your business today?

Good data is data that is cleansed, complete, understood, compliant, and actionable. We understand how important good data is to your business and that it can deliver real results. With Data Axle you will increase your ROI by improving data accuracy, reach, and intelligence to accelerate results.

We make it simple for you to access the exact data you need
Order our standard and enhanced API packages of commonly used attributes or create your own package from hundreds of available attributes. Try our developer platform free for 30 days.


Customer buying behaviors can change. You need access to the right data and flexibility in how and where to use it to react. Data Axle will provide you with high-quality data on every home and business you want to prospect to. We give you options to grow your audience through our user-friendly interface or to find prospects in real-time within your own CRM or other platforms.

“Infogroup has provided excellent service to Sekure Merchants in delivering high quality B2B sales leads. The constitution of the data points provided on every business and Infogroup’s ability to verify businesses with accuracy has increased Sekure’s contact ratios on our outreach campaigns. Infogroup’s process and tools like the Data Axel have been a valuable source for continually keeping our data current and accurate leading to more successful campaigns and an ongoing partnership between Sekure and Infogroup” 

—Product Manager, Sekure Merchant Solutions

Cleansing & Data Enrichment

Enriched data is simply more powerful. Every missing or inaccurate business or consumer detail is a missed opportunity that can negatively impact your goals. We have data on nearly every household and business in the US and Canada.

The depth and breadth on these households and businesses we offer is a product of our multi-sourced compilation process, proprietary machine learning models and years of industry experience. With Data Axle you can choose from over 400 attributes to cleanse and enrich one file at a time or in real-time at scale to define your own unique set of attributes that drive the most value.

Insights & Intelligence

Develop insights into who your customers are and what their needs are. Data Axle empowers you to understand your key audiences by matching your data against ours to report on key quality metrics providing critical intelligence. You can explore what data works best for your business to drive analytics and customer intelligence through the Data Axle platform to pick and choose the exact datasets that will drive the most value.

“The demographic data provides us deeper insights into our clients and prospects. These insights help us offer the services that meet their financial needs. Especially valuable are the InfoPersona Clusters which segment households to provide a deeper understanding than just income and wealth.”

—Head of Data Science, major super regional bank


Whether you’d prefer to work with data field-by-field or within a large-scale data lake, we provide a flexible set of APIs that will give your tech team the control they want and need to drive the data you care about most exactly where it needs to go. You can leverage data directly within your CRM, MAP or other applications your business relies on to drive analytics, prospecting, and customer engagement.

Reliable and Innovative Technology

Built on fast, scalable, open-source technologies

Cloud-based platform

Agile development team

Dedicated product support

99.95% uptime

A roadmap of data enhancements, new features and faster performance.

Compiling, delivering, managing, and integrating world class data is what we do. Let us help you get started or discuss the optimal way to leverage Data Axle to deliver tangible results for your business.