Our APIs are your real-time on-ramps.

The Data Axle platform and APIs allow your analysts and developers to build and scale their own solutions without the complexity, expense, and lag time associated with maintaining large data stores. You can work with select segments of our data or utilize the full datasets to develop the perfect application to drive data in real-time exactly where you need it to be .

Search APIs

Find the top-most relevant matches in real-time using flexible search criteria.

Scan API

Find all matches using any field in the database.

Insights API

Run analytical queries on any segment or across the entire database. Run tallies, discover fill rates, and calculate statistics on any field in real-time.

Match API

Enrich your data by submitting partial information about an entity to receive the best match of attributes determined by our proprietary algorithms.

Submission API

Submit change requests to update or add to our business data. All suggestions are reviewed by our human intelligence teams and if approved, updated in real-time.

Changes API

Subscribe to real-time changes across the business database. Target changes to specific firmographics or listen to all transactions within your universe of records.

File Delivery API

Automate the detection and download of scheduled file deliveries. Retrieve detailed information on file locations, sizes, and time of delivery.