Drive data directly into Salesforce

Inject brand new Infogroup B2B or B2C leads and attributes directly into your applications to eliminate manual processing, so you can get data to your sellers in real-time. Our products include a pre-built integration for Salesforce or APIs that can be used to develop your own apps. Using Data Axle integrations, you’ll always have up-to-date accounts, contacts and leads to drive marketing and analytics.

Pre-built integrations

Using Data Axle for Salesforce™, your team can access our industry leading B2B data within your Salesforce instance. You can focus on enrichment of existing accounts and contacts or find new prospect records or contacts. Data Axle Enrich and Prospect B2B gives you an easy-to-use interface and full control of data along with real-time access to insights, making it easy to transition from  Visit the App Exchange.

API integrations

Our full suite of Data Axle APIs allows your team to integrate data directly into your products to provide a solid data foundation to drive customer retention, acquisition, or analytic programs. Learn more

Unsure of your needs?

Contact us. Together, we can find the best way to connect data and data points to solve your problems and meet your unique goals.

Compiling, delivering, managing, and integrating world class data is what we do. Let us help you get started or discuss the optimal way to leverage Data Axle to deliver tangible results for your business.