Let’s drive  , together.

Our diverse team of data specialists are here to help you whenever your team requires more expertise.

Data processing to prepare data for activation

Expert data processing requires a refined infrastructure of people and tools with the expertise to know how to get the best results. Infogroup is a direct licensee of all the USPS Postal Packages. We offer a wide variety of proprietary services along with over 45 years of data processing experience. Our core managed services will enable you to.

Fix & transform data

Using our suite of standardization tools, our data processing specialists will eliminate data inconstancies and put your data in the formats necessary for your destination applications. Common services include USPS standardization, correction of misspellings and formatting of abbreviations, phone numbers, names, emails, and more.

Clean irrelevant & decaying data

With access to dozens of proprietary tools, we’ll validate your existing data, reconcile duplicates, and update your out-of-date information. We’ll help identify and remove duplicate records, verify or update key contact information, flag seasonal addresses, provide new addresses, and suppress individuals who do not wish to (or can’t) be contacted.

Enhance & deepen your data

Using Data Axle as your partner, we’ll tap into its extensive proprietary assets to enrich your existing data, add brand new elements, contacts, or records. Our team leverages custom matching algorithms and techniques to drive the highest possibly match rates.

Data analysis to uncover opportunities

An in-depth view of your real-time data through the lens of our experts.

Using our suite of data processing tools, we will conduct a power analysis to provide a conclusive measurement of your address data quality as well as duplication level for Individuals and households (B2C) Individuals / sites (B2B).

You’ll gain valuable insights about your customers and prospects from a profile report that analyzes them against common high value attributes and suppression lists. You’ll see projected cost savings and additional revenue, so you’ll be confident to drive forward.

Digital audience solutions to activate your data

A campaign is only as good as its audience. Our team can help you access standard and custom audiences fueled by our proprietary databases. Then, we’ll help set your campaigns up for success across connected devices, display advertising, social media, email, and addressable television. Our team works with over one billion digital IDs, including 170 million employees and executives and 320 million consumers.

With 96% of the U.S. population and 95% of all U.S. businesses, from your local bodega to the Fortune 100 we will:

  • Find Thousands of Standard Data Points
  • Build Granular Custom Audiences
  • Increase Reach and Match Rates
  • Locate Your Best Prospects

Compiling, delivering, managing, and integrating world class data is what we do. Let us help you get started or discuss the optimal way to leverage Data Axle to deliver tangible results for your business.