Data Axle®
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Access Infogroup business and consumer data in real time

Data Axle is the proprietary, cloud-based, real-time data platform from Infogroup. This innovative platform provides access to our premium data through our products, APIs, and Integrations – the choice is yours.

We invest more than $20 million annually and employ over 300 full-time researchers to ensure that our data is as accurate as possible.  We believe it’s incredibly important to have real people making phone calls and verifying our databases.

Our data is so reliable that we’re the go-to data provider for top internet search engines and GPS navigation companies in North America to power your everyday web queries and road trips. This same data also helps real people—just like you—exceed their sales goals and increase ROI.

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Customers use Data Axle to drive data in real time for:

  • App development
  • Lead qualification
  • Data analytics
  • Full database installs
  • Match, verify and append

Don't see your use case? Contact us to find out how to drive your own with Data Axle.