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Boost your campaign with accurate and scalable audiences across multiple channels.

A campaign is only as good as its audience. Access standard and custom audiences that are fueled by our consumer and business databases and set your campaigns up for success across connected devices, display advertising, social media, email, and addressable television.

We have over one billion digital IDs comprised of 61 million employees & executives and 315 million consumers.

Our data represents 96% of the U.S. population and 95% of all U.S. businesses, from your local bodega to the Fortune 100.

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  • Find Thousands of Standard Data Points

    Our standard digital taxonomy is available in most popular DSPs, DMPs, and digital activation platforms.
    Download Our Standard Taxonomy

  • Reach the Prospects Who Are Ready to Buy Right Now

    Capitalize on seasonal demands with behavior-specific shopping, entertainment, technology, voter and charitable donor segments for any season, occasion or event.

  • Build Granular Custom Audiences

    Hundreds of thousands of additional attributes are available for custom audiences to meet even the most granular campaign requirements.

  • Increase Reach and Match Rates

    Take advantage of our historic email database for audience expansion solutions to maximize reach and match rates across your digital ecosystem.

  • Locate Your Best Prospects

    Leverage predictive modeling solutions against our core data assets to find prospects that are likely to respond to a campaign.

  • Oracle Data Cloud Premier Data Provider

    Oracle Data Cloud Premier Data Provider
    Infogroup is an Oracle Data Cloud Premier Data Provider based on proven client demand and a like-minded approach to data-driven marketing excellence and quality. This Premier Data Provider Program recognizes the top data companies of today. The Premier Data Provider Program includes Premier Data Providers who deliver accurate and relevant data to marketers, are considered thought leaders in the space and are keen on evolving the industry through innovative data strategies.

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