Life Event Data

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Identify individuals and households entering a new stage in their life

Timing is everything. Infogroup Life Event Data enables marketers to identify new and existing customers who are experiencing or about to experience significant life changes that affect their purchase behavior and propensity to buy specific products and services. Use Infogroup’s life event data to:

  • Identify new prospects who are more likely to buy
  • Gain valuable insights into existing customers and their lifestyle in order to retain them and build loyalty as life circumstances evolve
  • Design and personalize new offers based on your prospects’ and customers’ life stages
  • Make valuable connections and foster brand loyalty



Infogroup Life Event Data is compiled from a variety of high quality online and offline sources, then verified and enhanced using various 3rd party datasets for value-added insights. Life Event Data is enhanced with Infogroup’s industry-leading consumer database and available in real-time through Infogroup’s flagship data platform, Data Axle.

Featuring high-performing data sets around the following five major life events:

  • Newly Married

    Connect with recent newlyweds who have joint incomes and increased spending power

  • New Baby

    Reach new or expecting parents and build brand loyalty as their purchase patterns shift to accommodate the new family member

  • Newly Single

    Reach newly single consumers as they seek new opportunities for a fresh start

  • Newly Engaged

    Engage with couples ahead of important purchases and capitalize on this time to gain life-long advocates

  • Prenatal

    Connect with expectant parents who are looking to make a variety of purchases across a number of categories such as clothing, furniture, insurance, retail banking and more.

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