Marketing Genetics (MGEN)
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Access transactional data that unleashes powerful insight.

We source transactional and actual buying history from more than 2,000 direct-to-consumer companies for incredibly accurate insights. You gain access to in-depth product purchase detail right down to recency, frequency, and dollars spent as well as your customer’s lifestyle, affluence level, interests, and more to help you deliver more pointed, effective messaging. Marketing Genetics can help you recognize opportunities, aid in reinforcing your brand’s position, product marketing and strategy development.

  • 1200+ consumer product categories.
  • 1B+ monthly transactions.
  • 140MM+ individuals and 85MM households.
  • 30MM emails.
  • $2T in consumer spend in the last year.
  • Insights into recency, frequency, and monetary value.

Whether you’re looking to acquire new customers or retain your current customers, our transactional data gives you the data driven insight you need to succeed. With Marketing Genetics you can:

  • Identify key product, demographic and lifestyle interests
  • Define new target audiences using data driven analytics
  • Examine buying habits as compared to typical buying households
  • Access highly targeted audiences of direct response consumers
  • Leverage current buying habits to inform promotions / campaigns / appeals
  • Discover if your customers belong to a specific type of purchasing demographic group
  • Analyze comparisons of customers across products or data stacks
  • Target audiences with buying patterns that look like your existing audiences
  • Actuate channel preferences using key purchasing patterns

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