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Fuel a digital, multichannel approach with the industry’s most powerful suite of solutions including a collection of email, telemarketing, and postal addresses.

Boost your organization’s sales, revenue, and brand identity with a full gamut of B2B marketing solutions.

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  • Sapphire™ Data

    Find a targeted segment of prospects to fit your exact marketing needs.
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  • Sapphire™ Integrate

    Bring together your customer files with valuable prospect data in a complete, web-based planning and analytical environment.

  • Sapphire™ Verify + eVerify

    Determine the marketability of your existing customer data and your email list to boost engagement.

  • Sapphire™ Append + eAppend

    Fill in gaps in your B2B consumer data files and your email list to get the most out of communications with your audience.

  • Sapphire™ Insight

    Get a fully-customized analysis of your current B2B campaigns.

  • Sapphire™ OnDemand

    A smart CRM database solutions helps you plan and execute on budget.

  • Sapphire™ Engage

    Better manage your data, analytics, and all elements of your email campaign execution.

  • Sapphire™ Digital

    Put your data to work with help from our team of digital advertising experts.

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