Advanced Intent Marketing

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  • Enterprise
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See what your customers are interested in buying right now.

Based on the responsive audiences we can create, we pinpoint your potential customers’ recent behaviors and signals of interest so you know that they’re in-market for what you’re selling. These insights like content downloads, webcast registrations, keyword searches, and more are the fuel to your smarter lead generation, account-based marketing, ad targeting, and customer prioritization tactics.

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  • The Stats

    +79% higher close rate using intent data for sales prioritization.
    +16% increase in engagement using intent data.

  • A.I.M ABM

    Pinpoint prospective business buyers at the right moment. We use intent signals to identify surging company locations within a target list and equip you with access to the best contacts and channels so you can close the sale.

  • A.I.M. Hotline

    We deliver business decision makers on your schedule so you can be the first to get in touch with the ones that are showing an immediate interest.

  • A.I.M. Active

    Engage or re-engage rented, licensed, purchased, collected, or other data sets by matching your data against our intent masterfile.

  • A.I.M. Customer Alert

    Maximize retention efforts by consistently monitoring your customers’ online behavior and notifying you when signals indicate that a new purchase may happen soon.

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