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Real-time data integrated right into your CRM

Inject brand new Infogroup B2B and B2C leads and insights directly into your tech stack to save time and complexity associated with incorrect data or manual external processes. Gain access to millions of records and data points to ensure you have the most complete records, multiple contacts, and brand new leads to grow your pipeline, improve lead scoring, and gain critical insights to drive analytic efforts.

  • Pre-built and custom Salesforce & Dynamics Integrations

    Your team can leverage our pre-built Salesforce or Microsoft Dynamics integration to take the guess work out of integrated data, or with a little more technical ability, integrate Infogroup data into any CRM or other platform using our APIs to start enjoying the benefits of having always up-to-date accounts, contacts and leads to drive marketing or analytics.

  • Key Integration Benefits

    Deploy data directly into your existing CRM to simplify your tech stack.
    Reduce time and effort spent managing data required for effective marketing.
    Enable a deeper understanding of current customers and find new prospect accounts or contacts.
    Accelerate time to close with real-time, high quality, information.

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Pre-Built Salesforce & Dynamics CRM Integrations

Our pre-built CRM integrations allow you to you to enrich your existing records with new insights and contacts or find entirely new leads. Your data is never overwritten providing you with important controls for use of your data.

  • Data Axle for Salesforce

    Access our industry leading B2B data within your Salesforce instance to enrich existing accounts and contacts or find new prospects. Data Axle Enrich and Prospect B2B features an easy to use interface and full control of data with real-time access to insights allowing for an easy transition from
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  • Salesgenie for Salesforce

    Integrate Salesgenie with Salesforce to maximize prospecting productivity.
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  • Salesgenie for Dynamics

    Integrate Salesgenie with Dynamics to maximize prospecting productivity.
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  • API Salesforce CRM Integrations

    Our full suite of Data Axle APIs allows your team to integrate data directly into your product and platforms to provide a solid data foundation to drive customer retention, acquisition or analytic programs.
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