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Fresh data. Effective outcomes.

Grow your B2B or B2C pipeline, improve lead scoring, and maintain data integrity at scale by integrating millions of data points and prospecting functions into your CRM.

  • How Does It Work?

    Our data solution for CRMs allows you to discover leads and clean, enrich, and optimize your CRM data.

  • Clean

    We can help you standardize, verify, and update contact and account information, fill in info gaps, and much more so the information you rely on is in tip top shape.

  • Discover

    In a single, easy application, you can see detailed profiles of any business, household, or individual while finding new contacts, gaining new insights, and excluding segments that don’t fit your goals. Our mobile app lets you access leads in the field and the mapping tool identifies lead clusters for maximizing efficiency.

  • Optimize

    Seamlessly integrate with Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, and many other CRMs as well as marketing automation platforms. That way, your sales and marketing teams have just one application to manage both existing customers and lead generation efforts. From here, ongoing data hygiene is a breeze.

  • Key Benefits

    Deploys in your existing CRM to simplify your tech stack.
    Reduces time and effort spent prospecting.
    Improves CRM value and buy-in.
    Develops a deeper understanding of current and future customers.
    Delivers data to fit your format requirements.
    Accelerates time to close.
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  • We Are Your Data.Com Alternative

    Get real-time business intelligence directly in your CRM. See for yourself how Salesgenie™ can not only replace but surpass the data quality, coverage, and features you were receiving from them. Contact us for a detailed comparison.

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