Data Licensing

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Let our dynamic, trusted insights power your success.

Our data compilation process uses multi-party levels to deliver a comprehensive database that powers your company’s products and technology with customizable, scalable, and trusted data. Let us help you provide real impact and value to your solutions, going above and beyond your client’s expectations.

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  • Business and Consumer Insights Verified in Real Time

    Every day thousands of businesses are opening, closing, changing address, and more. Keeping up with those changes requires a differentiated research and verification methodology. Our 300+ data specialists compile thousands of data sources, conduct manual research and QA, and make over 24 million calls annually.

  • Local Search and Navigation Applications

    Some of the largest and most innovative companies in the world rely on our Points of Interest data to power local search directories and navigation applications. Accurate location, taxonomy, and linkage data ensures users get to where they’re going.

  • Omnichannel Data Solutions

    Whether you are a provider of traditional direct marketing email or digital services, our data will drive success for your customers and deliver great ROI.

  • Cutting-Edge Digital Audience Solutions

    Personalization is key. Target professionals and consumers across all channels both on and offline with pinpoint accuracy. Leverage our metadata of content to expand your audience, increase the accuracy of your predictive modeling, and optimize your reporting and insights.

  • Intelligent Listings Management Services

    Our listing management platform helps you manage specific business content and distribute to search, navigation, and mobile apps. The platform allows you to edit, verify, and enhance your business locations anytime.

  • Real-Time Data Platform: Data Axle®

    Businesses change in real time, not monthly or quarterly. Data Axle® delivers business updates as they happen. Build better products, improve marketing ROI, and increase customer satisfaction by ensuring real-time access to data.

  • Get in the Driver’s Seat

    Licensing our data helps you avoid wasting your time picking through what you don’t need. Your products and technology require unique customizable relevant data points, not a data dump of information.

    We have tools in place that will help you choose the data you want, hide the data you don’t, receive updates hourly, daily or weekly. You decide what you need and when you need it.

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