Data Processing and Enrichment

  • Ideal For
  • Enterprise
  • Small Business
  • Agency
  • Nonprofit & Political

Leverage our data to create success.

Our databases are incredibly robust and painstakingly refined so that the mailing lists, email databases, and data enrichment services performed for you can make a marked difference for your business right out the gate.

  • Match & Verify

    Outdated contact information creates an uphill battle when it comes to retention and acquisition efforts. Keep a clean, trim list with our match and verify service.

  • Hygiene

    Be cost effective with cleaner, better data. We offer a range of data processing and hygiene services that eliminate wasted postage, materials, time and effort.

  • Append

    Our proprietary service fills gaps in your data files so you can strategically build your campaigns the right way. Filled demographic fields allow your most insightful audience targeting.

  • Enrich

    Create more effective campaigns by honing in on your customers. Consumer list enrichments include details like income and the presence of children; business list enrichments include industry and number of employees.

  • Data Onboarding

    We can maximize your digital reach through our massive data repository. Get the highest match rates available and see increased success through your online efforts.

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