Leverage our expertise with complex datasets and analytics. For over 30 years we've helped enterprise companies turn Big Data into Big Revenue. Let us help you.

At Infogroup, Big Data is our world. We categorize it around local, people and social brand in order to meet the needs of our clients. Here's more:


With the most comprehensive B2B file on the market, we know Big Local Data. We’re also always expanding our local data, by adding elements, models, and derivative content in real-time so no stone is left unturned.

If your application deals with local business, locations, navigation, search, or sales, we’d bet you’ve already come in contact with our data today.


Our U.S. database consists of over 115 million households and 245 million individuals making for a very large amount of people data to sift through. We also access over 100 contributing sources and 29 billon records aggregated annually - all without online tracking.

Our Big People Data drives millions of campaigns and billions of email services each year. How can we help YOUR business?

Social Brands

Social brand data is expanding exponentially, and Infogroup tracks the connection between consumer and business data to make the most of business-critical brand data.

To start, we track almost 10,000 brands and marketers across 17,000 different social handles in real-time. We also look at over 5 million campaigns, that includes tens of millions of engagement and creative analytics across social and email channels. Now that’s a lot of data.

Our proprietary Data Axle® helps our customers make the most of all the data we’re collecting by storing every change to our data through time, so our clients know exactly the right moment in time to target a business or person based on a full set of contextual information.