Data Axle® Services leverage Infogroup’s industry-leading data practices to help you gain more knowledge, more effectiveness and more value from your data-driven programs with:

Custom Data Collection

Collect high value data directly from businesses
Our team of 180 data collection specialists makes an average of 100,000 calls a day to businesses to verify and enhance our data quality. You are able to take advantage of this unique channel to collect highly specific data for their brand:

  • Understand brand preference
  • Enrich customer insight
  • Improve target segmentation

Lead Prospecting

Gather rich insights to improve lead qualification
Our business verification process generates relevant conversations between our data- gathering experts and your business contacts. Sales organizations can leverage this channel to collect actionable data for their prospecting sales and marketing efforts:

  • Gain critical, hard to find competitive intelligence
  • Identify key decision makers
  • Ask qualifying questions to organize and prioritize new sales opportunities

Get instant alerts on the right prospects that meet your business criteria.

Data Quality and Hygiene

Extract more value from your data
As an industry leader in compiling and managing Big Data, Infogroup sets the standard for data quality and accuracy. With Data Axle® Services, you can easily leverage Infogroup’s experience and expertise for your own data assets. Our data experts can help you:

  • Cleanse, verify, and reconcile data across disparate data sources
  • Ensure the accuracy and usability of data
  • Fill in the gaps, remove the redundancies

With Data Axle® Services, Infogroup’s industry-leading data practices get down to business: Your business. Discover the unique possibilities Data Axle® Services offers your business, contact us today.