We can help you identify your target market and provide you with the support and multichannel solutions you need.

From acquiring new buyers to retaining and developing the highest value customers, we provide data-driven multichannel solutions you need to support your marketing and sales framework. Whether your interest is in merging and optimizing your campaign, revamping your email creative or measuring and analyzing your outcomes, we provide tools and strategies that are proven to get results for your business. 

Our core businesses focused on Enterprise Customers are:

Infogroup Data Solutions

We help companies increase sales and customer loyalty through analytically driven consumer and business data and database marketing solutions. With exclusive access to the Data Axle®, we build multichannel solutions using contextually relevant information on 235MM individuals and 25MM businesses. Click here for more information: http://www.infogroupdatasolutions.com/.

Yes Marketing

Since 2000, Yes Marketing has stood for excellence in email marketing, with planning and delivery capabilities unrivaled in our industry. Yes Marketing is an organization that positively stands apart. We define ourselves by a better caliber of technology, insights and services that help our clients get to ‘YES’ sooner with their customers. We provide the insights that enable you to identify and understand your customer in order to create lasting connections through relevant communications, driven by email and synchronized across all digital channels, while respecting your customer's unique preferences and privacy. Click here for more information: www.yesmarketing.com.