July 31, 2019

7 Important Steps to Make a Winning Fundraising Campaign

By Infogroup Staff

If only every month could be like December, which is when 30 percent of charity giving occurs. After that, charity organizations must make appeals throughout the year to continue servicing their communities. Reviving interest in regular donors while attracting new ones in a digital age means committing to an investment in a multi-channel digital marketing campaign. Incorporating the following steps into your organization’s multi-channel marketing strategy can boost the profile of your charity.

1. Incorporate SEO Into Your Website

Your website may be well-designed with eye-catching colors and a prominently displayed logo. But how readily does it come up in search engines when potential givers are looking to donate to charities like yours? SEO is no longer about merely repeating a bunch of keywords across your landing pages. You should be incorporating the following strategies as well.

  1. Mobile-first design — The single most significant SEO improvement you could make to your website is by making it accessible via mobile devices. Over 50 percent of organic online searches executed in 2018 came from people using a mobile device, a number that is only expected to grow.
  2. Quicker loading — Even those eager to give do not want to wait around for your page to load. Every extra second costs your charity 12 percent of potential donors.
  3. Updated tags and meta descriptions — You want the most up-to-date information available to assist search engine algorithms in ranking your site in SERPs.
  4. Location Information — Having your address and phone number information available allows Google to create a portal directly from SERPs. Visitors from your area could find and glean all needed information from their search results and make a quick decision about donating.

Review data from your website statistics and other charity sites like yours to find the strengths and areas for improvement among your pages. Use that information to strengthen your site and improve your overall organic rankings.

2. Create Unique and Compelling Content

Providing frequent updates to your webpage improves your search rankings, boosting your chances of attracting a continuous flow of new visitors. Let them know about your ongoing efforts and the help provided to your local community. Look for data trends on subjects of interest to your most frequent donors. Use that to craft blogs and articles aimed at educating your site visitors about the mission of your charity.

Another way you could make your content stand out is by incorporating infographics into your site content. These are visual representations of information of interest to your visitors. Turning the same data used in your blogs and articles into eye-catching visuals delivers an impact to visitors that words alone may not.

3. Facilitate Donations Through Social Media

Platforms like Instagram and Facebook now allow you to add buttons, donation stickers, and other controls that make donations a simple process for your visitors. Do some research around user preferences for the optimal placement of these donation portals around your social media site.

The same content created for your website can be shared on your social media accounts, making for a coordinated media strategy. Infographics can easily be added to your Instagram or Pinterest accounts when you are gearing up new pushes for donations.

4. Design Targeted Emails

People have become much savvier about assessing the subject lines of emails. They will immediately reject anything outside of their personal preference from unfamiliar email addresses. You should create email lists that allow you to create messaging that appeals to that audience. Your messaging for those who respond to emotional appeals would differ from those who prefer something more lighthearted.

Pay attention to the information you obtain about the channels from which you received their contact information. What content inspired them to sign up for your alerts? That should be the focus of your messages, ensuring you capture their attention and do not end up in their spam folder. Let your contacts know about new articles they might want to read or statistics relating to your charity they would find interesting.

5. Invest in PPC Ads

Consider an investment in a Google Ad or other PPC campaign when promoting an upcoming fundraiser. They can be the key to catching the attention of new donors who otherwise might not be made aware of your organization’s efforts.

Look at the data on successful fundraising ads put out by other charities to get ideas on how to attract your desired audience. A well-designed ad can be a real boost to your other efforts at improving your organic search rankings.

6. Use Video Appeals

Videos can be a game-changer in giving potential donors insight into your organization and how you go about accomplishing your mission. Allowing the beneficiaries of your efforts to tell stories in their own words can amplify your goals in a way that draws visitors in and boosts their desire to be part of your solution.

You should track the popularity of various video types by reviewing data around your video traffic. That can help you refine your visuals and create more targeted videos for your desired audience. Promote your videos through all your social media platforms. It is also a good idea to send out alerts through your email lists about new video updates.

7. Consider Influencer Marketing

Review data trends on influencers you feel would be an optimal fit for your company. You should look for information that tells you how well they fit your charity’s message and the audiences they tend to draw.

Use that data to draw up a list of potential contact you wish to contact for a possible partnership. It can be a temporary arrangement for a special event or a long-term agreement that continues throughout the year. Influencers can boost the visibility of your charity, expanding the reach of your fundraising efforts.

Before Starting Out

The success of your multi-channel marketing strategy depends on having a strong vision for your mission. Be consistent in selling the same message across all channels being utilized to increase the chances of getting much-needed donations for your charity.

Looking to boost Your Next Fundraising or Membership Campaign? We can provide your nonprofit with data-driven, analytically-informed, and technology-enabled services and solutions like accurate data, media planning and purchasing, data processing, modeled donor segments, and more. Contact us.