October 4, 2019

In The News This Week: Warren’s Data-Driven Campaign, AI vs. Sales Reps

Zohray Brennan - Editor: The Gist
In The News This Week: Warren’s Data-Driven Campaign, AI vs. Sales Reps
Happy first-week-of-October!

In The News

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We’re Not Quite Ready to Welcome Our Chatbot Overlords
In an experiment researchers found that chatbots were as successful as human salespeople. The catch? It worked only when the customer was unaware they were conversing with an AI. [Adweek]

→ In another study, AI was also found to be on par with human experts in interpreting medical images. [The Guardian]

Another Election Cycle
AdExchanger takes a peak under Elizabeth Warren’s campaign hood to see how her team is betting on data, outside of the usual emails and Facebook that most campaigns rely on. [AdExchanger]
How Creativity Could Merge with AI
An examination of the different projects that are racing to successfully leverage AI in the creation of art, literature, and music. [Scientific American]
Sony Playstation Files Patent For Voice Assistant
Interesting, particularly as their rival, Microsoft Xbox, has downplayed Cortana to a large extent recently. [Forbes]
The Evolution of Intent Marketing
Primer on modern intent marketing, as marketers try to interpret their customers’ signals so as to be proactive. [DM News]
Making Our “Up” Movie Dreams Come True
Frankly, this has nothing to do with data, we’re just thrilled about tech that would allow Fido to converse with humans even if it’s just “squirrel!” [Wired]


Ocean City NJ is #1…for Desserts
Ocean City’s local paper threw us some love as they were SUPER excited about being ranked #1 for the most dessert businesses in the U.S. Beach home did not come included, sadly. [OCNJ]
Headed to Microsoft Dynamics365? So Are We!
Be sure to stop by our booth to say hi. We might have candy.

Chart of the Week

Apparently, the fastest commute is NO commute [WaPo]


“The world is one big data problem.”

 Andrew McAfee, potentially stating an understatement. McAfee is the co-director of the MIT Initiative on the Digital Economy, Co-Founder and Co-Director of the Initiative on the Digital Economy and a Principal Research Scientist at the MIT Sloan School of Management.