January 17, 2020

Best Reads of the Year

By Natasia Langfelder - Content Marketing Manager
Best Reads of the Year

Following a banner year for big data, artificial intelligence and data governance, brands are looking forward to planning their data and marketing strategies for 2020. Advances in data technology have transformed the way organizations do business. Infogroup and Yes Marketing have been busy documenting each step along the way with compelling research and content – sharing the latest in data, technology and marketing news through blogs, consumer surveys, interviews, data analysis and more. These are the top 10 Infogroup and Yes Marketing reads to get your brand ready to take on 2020.

10. Just Desserts: From Coast to Coast – Infogroup scoured its verified business database to pull the most popular desserts in each state. This interactive map allows visitors to see the number and type of dessert businesses in a state with a single click.

9. 8 Ways the Insurance Industry Can Use Data to Improve Performance – Data is evolving the way insurance companies do business. This in-depth article lays out exactly how insurance companies should leverage data in order to maximize ROI.

8. Everything You Need to Know About Remarketing – Did you know people who view remarketing display ads are 70% more likely to convert than website visitors who have not seen remarketing ads? Display ads are a modern marketing staple, so it’s crucial to know how to master them. This article explores display ads and their remarketing capabilities.

7. Intent Matters: Leveraging Data & Signals to Target Audiences – Intent data is set to be a trend as we move forward into 2020. Intent data (behavioral data that predicts purchase intent), helps companies target the right people, as opposed to throwing spaghetti at the wall and seeing what sticks. This focused approach to marketing requires accurate data to be successful.

6. Success Stories: Lands’ End – Yes Marketing presents a compelling case study on how retailer Lands’ End increased marketing efficiency through utilizing the right technologies and processes in order to achieve a 28% increase in revenue per email.

5. 6 Creative Gen Z Marketing Strategies for Financial InstitutionsYes Marketing conducted a survey of 1,000 financial services customers to figure out the best way for the finance industry to get Gen Z excited about their offerings. Read this article to find out what Gen Z wants, straight from the horse’s mouth.

4. The True Cost of Bad Data – Bad data is costly, but do you know exactly how much it’s costing you? It’s more than you think and we’re talking about more than dollars – your brand’s reputation could be on the line as well. Read on to identify the unforeseen costs of bad data.

3. A Marketer’s Guide to AI and Machine Learning – AI and machine learning (ML) have been the buzzwords of 2019 and will continue to be a staple in 2020. Brands have just scratched the surface of how AI and ML can boost marketing efforts. This whitepaper features real examples from brands that are using AI and ML in their marketing campaigns.

2. 5 Strategies to Maximize Your Marketing Budget – An Infogroup-commissioned Forrester study on data pollution found that companies are allotting more and more of their budgets to data and data technologies. This whitepaper by Yes Marketing goes into detail on how to make marketing dollars stretch further. Including examples from brands Lands’ End, Sephora, and Spartan.

1. The Power of Personalization – Personalization is both the present and the future of marketing. This consumer survey explored the ways in which consumers want messaging to be personalized and how to best deliver the message to connect with them.

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