August 20, 2019

This is What a Sustainable Data Ecosystem for CRM Looks Like

By Infogroup Staff

Big data is the linchpin that businesses rely on to create a strong data ecosystem for their customer relationship management (CRM). Unfortunately, new research from the CMO Council reveals that an estimated 39% of marketers believe their technology investments are falling short. CRM solutions need to not only validate and clean data, but they need to also create a sustainable data ecosystem that benefits every department within a business. CRMs should bridge the gap between front-end content creation and consumer connections, with back-end operations, organizational insights, and supply chain logistics. To bridge this gap, you need to tap into the full power of your CRM.

Are You Leveraging the Full Capabilities of Your CRM?

In layman’s terms, CRMs are built to give businesses clear insights into their customers, as well as the relationships that they hold with them at any given time. The data that CRMs contain should be used to enhance marketing messages, personalize customer service experiences, and direct sales strategies. The ability to achieve the latter tasks is intrinsically tied to the quality of the data.

Unfortunately, far too many businesses have unsustainable data ecosystems. Take, for example, email addresses. Digital marketing success relies on delivering messages to the right email addresses. In fact, undeliverable email addresses can not only skew the ROI of an entire campaign, but they can also damage a company’s sender reputation. To make matters worse, the average email list will decay at an estimated 22% per year, which means that you could be sending your messages to an empty void, and thus interpreting their results based on inaccurate data.

The good news is that by implementing email verification into your data ecosystem, you can increase the quality of your data. The next steps will require you to succinctly refine, match, append, and filter your gathered data to ensure that your business decisions are based on accurate data. With high-quality data, you can elevate your marketing efforts, gain 360-degree insights into the customer’s journey, and turn real-time alerts into higher conversions. In short, leveraging the full capabilities of your CRM will streamline your sales process, marketing efforts, and business directives to effectively deliver higher ROIs across marketing channels.

Choose a CRM With Sophisticated Functionality.

In days long gone, CRM solutions were limited to contact, campaign, lead, email, and social media management. Today, CRMS have leaped beyond their traditional boundaries to tackle new avenues, including market automation, Voice of the Customer (VoC) implementation, and Online Reputation Management (ORM). The latter tasks, coupled with their traditional responsibilities have created sustainable, sophisticated, and highly functional data ecosystems.

To create a sustainable data ecosystem that will help you to build more meaningful and lucrative relationships, you will need to select a CRM that has the ability to mine, consolidate, and analyze big data. It should be scalable, available, intuitive, and feature a process-driven interface. The CRM should also have mobile support and be compatible across devices. The latter factors will be reflected in the architecture and features of your chosen CRM, which is why you should select a solution that can match and append your data in real-time.

The Bottom Line: Infogroup Can Clean Data in Real-time.

Only by choosing the right CRM can your business reach new heights of success. In fact, if you want to maximize the potential of your CRM, then you will need to update bad data with clean, verified data in real-time. Infogroup is the trusted solution to help you match and append your data in real-time. Through proven CRM integration solutions, Infogroup can help your business define a winning strategy that leverages the power of a sustainable data ecosystem. By using your CRM to create an intersection between the customer-facing, front-end of your business, and the operational back-end, you can gain a true competitive advantage. To discover your competitive advantage, contact a member of the Infogroup team to learn more about their data and software-as-a-service (DaaS and SaaS) solutions.