March 31, 2020

Consumer Profiles: Pet Owners & Pet Product Buyers

Insights into the consumers who drive a 100-billion-dollar industry

In 2019, Americans spent 95.7 billion dollars on their pets.[1] Our National Pet Day infographic shines a light on the demographic makeup of pet owners and pet product buyers and delves into the product categories where they spend their discretionary income.

We used data from our consumer and transactional databases to help marketers understand:

  • The wealth and affluence factors of pet owners and pet product buyers
  • The likelihood of these consumers purchasing products online
  • The top five purchase categories for each of these groups – the differences may surprise you

To learn more about our pet owner and buyer audience segments or inquire about any other ones – from fitness enthusiasts to frequent charity donors, book lovers and avid online shoppers – reach out and we’ll help you better understand and engage your best prospects using Infogroup’s best-in-class data.

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