October 28, 2019

Data News Round-Up: Google Search Updates and Mind-Reading Tech

Zohray Brennan - Director, Content Marketing | Editor
Data News Round-Up: Google Search Updates and Mind-Reading Tech

Trending this week of October 21st in data, machine learning, and AI: Google made the biggest update to their search algorithm in years with BERT, deepfake tech can used for consumer good, advancements made in mind-reading tech, Gartner’s top 10 and more.


In The News

Google Makes a Giant Search Leap Forward
This week Google pushed out BERT, a significant search update built on years of machine learning that will make search query results even faster with its understanding of language context.  Your move IBM.  [The Verge]


Generative AI Patents Are The Latest IT item
Adweek dug into the increased number of patents filed for the technology behind deepfake videos to see how consumer brands like Levi’s and tech companies are leveraging the model of creative artificial intelligence called GAN. [🔒Adweek]
→ Here’s a guide to how generative AI works [Medium]


The IAB Launches an Initial CCPA Compliance Framework
If you’re in the cookies collecting or retargeting business, then you will definitely want to read to the initial draft from the IAB on their guide for CCPA compliance. [Marketing Land]


Gartner’s Top 2020 Trends Did Not Invite AI Ethics 
Gartner launched its Top 10 Strategic Trends guide earlier than ever so you have ample time to plot your marketing response. On the list: AI security, autonomous everything and the democratization of tech. Not on the list? AI Ethics. [Gartner]


Men, Rejoice: Mind-Reading Tech Is Almost Here
Quite a bit of money is being poured into technology that can successfully read your mind, and in just the past year, researchers have made advances into recording and decoding a person’s neural signals, using sophisticated AI algorithms. [The Guardian]






We threw our annual client summit event this week. Thank you to all of our awesome clients who came, and the employees who worked tirelessly to make it one of our best, ever.


Data Viz Of The Week

Bacon prices

Bacon prices are higher than gas in some places of the world, due to the tariffs war. [ 🔒Bloomberg]


Quote Worthy



AI will probably most likely lead to the end of the world, but in the meantime, there’ll be great companies.

Sam Altman, Chairman of OpenAI, the AI company he co-created with Elon Musk.