June 2, 2019

Why More People are Making Purchases on Their Smartphones

Kyle Henderick - Senior Director, Client Services, Yes Marketing
Why More People are Making Purchases on Their Smartphones

We’ve reached the long-awaited mobile email tipping point. For the first time ever, half of all email-driven orders originate from smartphones, a Q1 study from Yes Marketing revealed.

It’s crazy to think that a decade ago most consumers didn’t even own smartphones, and those who did wouldn’t have imagined regularly purchasing from them. Today, purchasing on-the-go is easier with emails in the driver seat. Yes Marketing’s analysis of 9 billion emails sent in Q1 shows that mobile is now a normal — and often preferred — commerce channel.

Although this is exciting news, the work for email marketers is far from over. While smartphone and desktop orders are evenly split, desktop still drives a higher average order value (AOV), the research found. Mobile AOV remains about 40 percent lower than desktop AOV ($56 vs. $95, respectively), and this ratio has remained consistent over the last three years. This gap indicates that while consumers are comfortable purchasing on their smartphones, they still favor the desktop user experience and spend more via non-mobile devices.

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