November 12, 2019

Data + Technology * People: Infogroup’s 2019 Client Summit

Zohray Brennan - Director, Content Marketing
Data + Technology * People: Infogroup’s 2019 Client Summit

The Scoop on Current and Future Infogroup Data Products, Services, and Innovations.

This October, Infogroup held its thirteenth annual Client Summit, an intimate event for clients held every year in Omaha Nebraska aka Silicon Prairie, the home for our ever-evolving data center.  This year we shook things up, from having a known Ted Talks celebrity, to intuitive breakout sessions that gave attendees the opportunity to hone in on key topics that matter most to them. 

Missed it? Read on for highlights and contact us here to be added to the list for next year.


Kicking The Sessions – And The Coming Year – Off In Style


Andrew Bloom,Infogroup’s Chief Commercial Officer of  Enterprise Solutions, emceed the event like the pro he is, introducing each speaker smoothly and keeping things moving. The room was packed with clients who, as he noted, see great value in Infogroup’s data to build innovative products and market to their customers and prospects.

Mike Iaccarino CEO infogroup

Michael Iaccarino, Infogroup’s Chairman and CEO, provided a brief overview of the company, our products and the strategic priorities for 2020, namely:

  • The evolution of Data Axle with innovative new features and updates.
  • An advanced intent data solution that leverages multi-sourced data sets, incorporating a unique blend of intent signals.  
  • Our new pre-mover data offering.
  • Updates on our points of interest (POI) data quality initiative which saw significant updates made to universities, rest areas, sports arenas, park & rides, and monuments/roadside attractions business data.


The Intersection Of Human Sub-consciousness & User Journeys

Poppy Crum Speaking Omaha

Dr. Poppy Crum was our dynamic keynote speaker. Dr. Crum is the Chief Scientist at Dolby Laboratories and adjunct professor at Stanford. She also is a visionary futurist and neuroscientist whose work sits at the intersection of technology advancement and human evolution.

“In a world where our attention is capacity limited, and possibly our most valuable commodity, empathetic technologies can help us connect with each other and ourselves in the most human ways.”

Dr. Crum walked our audience through how they could bridge the gap between rapidly evolving technology and insightful, more effective human interaction and customer experiences leveraging the subconsciousness to drive their business forward. Her Ted Talk is a fascinating look into the work she has done to date and her mission for the future.


Transforming the Delivery of Data Via Data Axle

matthew higgins

Matthew Higgins, Chief Technology Officer of Data Axle, highlighted our core data platform that powers Infogroup’s products and solutions, took the stage to unveil new features and updates, such as:

  • Customers can now directly access all of Data Axle’s services to build their own applications and solutions via a free trial. 
  • Infogroup’s various business and consumer databases are available in a single view through Data Axle.
  • The ability to retrieve targeted datasets and analyze custom segments and enrich your own database using flexible APIs, web UIs, and file downloads.


Tactics For Engaging The Modern B2B Buyer

forrester steve casey

The modern customer is an always-moving target, as marketers can attest to. Steve Casey, Forrester’s Principal Analyst for B2B, provided helpful insights and tactics for businesses to engage them, such as:

  • The fact that buyers act as consumers
  • There is an overlap of B2B and B2C buyer journeys
  • Their preference to purchase digitally
  • How artificial intelligence can help enable and scale customer engagement, as it’s already optimizing the buying journey
  • Strengthening the relationship with sales while ramping up customer marketing
  • How effective data programs are the key to ROI

“Your competitor is any company that gives your customer the greatest, and most recent experience.”


Client Panel: Everyday Use Cases of Data

Infogroup insurance clients

A lively panel of four of our top clients from the insurance vertical, moderated by Andrew Bloom, talked about their work challenges. Pieter De Temmerman, the Chief Operating Officer at LiveRamp, Colleen Ruvalcaba, Director, Advisor Marketing and Operations at Mutual of Omaha, Steve DiChiaro, the Chief Executive Officer at Liberty National, and Tina Bova, Manager, Market Development at Indiana Farm Bureau, provided insights into how they use data and some of the challenges they face.  

“As a marketing person, I worry about the quality and scale I need to drive with my data.” – Pieter De Temmerman, LiveRamp

“We need that data to have a 365 view of the customer.”  – Steve DiChiaro, Liberty National 

“3rd party data is very helpful in augmenting 1st party data in order to give the client the best, personalized experience – something Amazon does very well.”  – Pieter De Temmerman, LiveRamp

“The challenge is: my agents get the data but they can’t do anything with it until it’s enriched, but then the opportunity is gone because it takes a while.  If we can get that ASAP, that’s a game changer.” – Tina Bova, Indiana Farm Bureau

“Integrating custom systems and making them talk together is our particular challenge. Also, there is a ton of manual work that happens with the data flow as we need to append data, and that data ends up living outside of Salesforce.” –  Colleen Ruvalcaba, Indiana Farm Bureau 


So given these challenges, where do they see opportunity?

“Identify events in their recruits lives, so as to sell the opportunity at that moment.” Steve DiChiaro, Liberty National 

“My agents need triggers ASAP even if someone is open to a conversation.  Any signal that identifies that is where the opportunity lies.” – Colleen Ruvalcaba, Indiana Farm Bureau 

“B2B intent data is a huge opportunity: help me find the small businesses that are at the point of making a product choice.”   – Pieter De Temmerman, LiveRamp


Deconstructing Iron Man, Digitally

Tom Zawacki, Infogroup’s Chief Digital Officer

Tom Zawacki, Infogroup’s Chief Digital Officer, walked the audience through Infogroup’s 2020 product strategy. Clients were particularly excited about his insights into our product development strategy and roadmap, primarily centered on the voice of our Customer, Company, Competition, and Industry.

Key products that have been developed and/or are in development are focused on enabling our clients to accomplish their business goals in partnership with Infogroup, such as:

  • Building brands by increasing the value of their products and the quality of intelligence about their customers.
  • Achieving short-term economic ROI.
  • Establishing long-term competitive advantage and industry leadership.

Even more exciting: the next generation of Infogroup products will include continued use and innovation in artificial intelligence, machine learning, predictive modeling, real-time value delivery, easy-to-use self-service tools, insights, and data visualizations.


After The Event


No event is complete without an after-party! We concluded the 2019 Summit with a fun cocktail hour and dinner at the historic Durham Museum. The museum is dedicated to providing a glimpse into what the old, old, west was like. 

A heartfelt thank you to all of our great clients, employees, and partners who turned out to help us make this an epic event.  Enjoy the photos below, and we look forward to making 2020 our best year ever with you.


infogroup clients(r) Donna Calebrese, Senior Enterprise Account Executive, Infogroup.  (l) Eric Freeberg, Senior Director of Consumer Database, Infogroup.


infogroup durham event

Kate Legnola, Trimble Maps . Kelly Loizos, Trimple Maps, Carson Collins, Account Manager, Data Licensing, Infogroup.



(from Infogroup, left to right) Eric Freeberg, Senior Director of Consumer Database, Dan German, Senior Vice President of Business Optimization, Keelia Schumacher, Senior Director of Sales, Data Licensing


(Infogroup, from left to right): Amber Jensen, Account Manager, Data Licensing. Joe Lazure, Vice President of Listings Management, Data Licensing, Ryan Kobza, Account Manager, Data Licensing.



Jeff Mershon, SiriusXM 



(l) Jared Schneekloth, EDR. (r) Jonathan Brandow, BizMiner.

data axle demo

Sophia Husseini, Senior Sales Engineer at Infogroup, giving a demo of Data Axle.


Infogroup employees

(From Infogroup from left to right): Don Castle, Senior Director of Digital Exchange, Ken Knaub, Senior Vice President of Product Development, Randy Hoosline, Director of Product Experience, Data Axle, and Pankaj Mathur, Vice President of Sales, Data Licensing.


See you all next year!