July 11, 2019

The Most Important Way Retailers Can Protect Their Customers

Vyvy Ta - Analyst, Intelligence Products, Yes Marketing

We’re always looking for innovative cybersecurity methods so retailers can protect their customers. According to CyberArk, 56% of IT security professionals chose email phishing as the greatest security threat to brands and subscribers alike. A key tool for marketers to fight this threat is email authentication. Email authentication helps Internet Service Providers (ISPs) like Gmail, Outlook or Hotmail verify that an email is coming from a legitimate source, like an actual brand and not a scammer. Marketers who use proper authentication can protect both their subscribers and their brand from major threats like phishing attempts, deliverability issues, blacklistings and much more.

Analyzing the Trends Impacting Email Security and Authentication

Each year, the Online Trust Alliance (OTA), a nonprofit organization dedicated to online best practices for consumer safety and brand compliance, publishes an annual Email Marketing and Unsubscribe Audit to help brands understand the trends and best practices impacting the integrity of email – including protections like authentication.

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