October 1, 2019

National Dessert Day: Is the Data Worth the Wait?

Zohray Brennan - Content Marketing Director
National Dessert Day: Is the Data Worth the Wait?

This summer we dug into the Infogroup B2B database and thought we would create a "Top 10 Cities for Ice Cream" story based on ice cream shop business data across the United States.

Its success caught us by surprise.   However, since sweet treats of all kinds always make us salivate, we went back to the database when we heard National Dessert Day was coming up on October 14th. We got to compiling, sorting, and analyzing the data. A few news outlets - maybe also hungry when they heard we were looking at candy, doughnuts, and bakeries data as well as ice cream, reached out to us to find out if it's true - does Ocean City New Jersey really have 12 dessert businesses per 10k people, making it #1 on our list?

Food & Wine's Mike Pomranz shared our top 10 cities data in his story, "What is America's Best Dessert City?" noting that "it's not so great if you believe a “top” dessert comes courtesy of Dominique Ansel."   But, data is data, and we appreciate the video!

However, Ocean City's local paper got excited and ran with it.


TL;DR - We are planning some fun things to share about dessert businesses this month.

Not only are we looking at the top 10 cities across the U.S., we are also going to share the #1 dessert for each state, by the highest concentration of the national total. 

It may take its sweet time to launch but we know it's worth the wait.