September 23, 2019

Meet Our New Weekly Newsletter

Zohray Brennan - Editor: The Gist

The Gist by Infogroup – Issue #1: Can An AI Really Tell You’re In Love?

We do love all things data here and, while we may not have shown it much, we are now ready with our brand-new newsletter.  Created for data-driven marketer, The Gist by Infogroup is a weekly hand-picked roundup of the news stories powered by data and innovation, such as machine learning and artificial intelligence.

In each newsletter you’ll find:

  • Snapshots on trending news and stories powered by data
  • Articles or news you may have missed from us
  • A data visualization on a trending topic
  • A thought-provoking quote


In The News

New Forbes’ AI List Sort of Celebrates Data
After all, the AI is only as good as the data and startup DataRobot, that sells data toolkits, made the list. This list, luckily, did not get the same reception as their other list did. [Forbes]
Can’t Tell If You’re In Love? There’s an App for That
Apps such as MEI and Keigo use machine intelligence gleaned from your texts and email data in order to figure out if your conversations are flirty or only friendly. [Wired]
The AP Aims To Standardize Data Journalism
The AP unveiled a free tool, the AP datakit that newsrooms around the world can use to build common standards in data journalism – the style of journalism that unveiled the Panama Papers. [Poynter]
The CCPA Waiting Game
AdExchanger provides a quick guide to the current iteration of California’s data laws. The bill is expected to be signed next month with details to be unveiled by California’s Attorney General later. [AdExchanger]
2.1M people RSVP’ed to Storm Area 51
What started as a Facebook joke resulted in 2.1 million RSVPs and a ton of alien inspired merchandise, from beer to food. [CNN]
Apple is Bringing the Ultimate AI to the Masses
Deep but good read on Overton, Apple’s machine learning model that will catapult Siri to the next (overdue) level. [Computerworld]


Photo credit: MONEY

MONEY Unveiled Their Annual Best Places To Live List
Infogroup’s human-verified business database was cited as part of the methodology used to compile the list. Spoiler: Clarksville Tennessee took the #1 spot. [MONEY]
…And of course, we celebrated accordingly. [Infogroup blog]
Understanding Local Listing Management
G2 walks small businesses through the steps of ensuring their business can be found and cites Infogroup as one of the key data aggregators. Fun fact: we often send people to verify that a business is actually a valid business. [G2]

Chart of the Week

Unsurprisingly WeWork shelved their IPO plans. [CB Insights]


Fave Quotes

Photo credit: Getty Images

“Every day, three times per second, we produce the equivalent of the amount of data that the Library of Congress has in its entire print collection, right? But most of it is like cat videos on YouTube or 13-year-olds exchanging text messages about the next Twilight movie.”  – Nate Silver


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