October 18, 2019

Trending This Week: AI Powered Robots That Solve Rubik’s Cubes

Zohray Brennan - Editor, The Gist by Infogroup
Trending This Week: AI Powered Robots That Solve Rubik’s Cubes

Welcome to this week's data on data.  Trending: An AI game based on the criminal system, machines beating humans (again), and how data volume is threatening to drown us. Plus Interbrand's 2019 global rankings, desserts, and a quote from the "Data Doc."


In The News

Solving a Rubik's Cube With One Hand
This robotic singe hand solving a Rubik's Cube puzzle was one of the most popular videos across Twitter. OpenAI, the creator, also shared a detailed blog post on how they trained the machine. [OpenAI]


Machines vs. Humans - For The Millionth Time
Quanta, everyone's new favorite resource for all things science & math, goes under the hood of BERT, a machine learning tool that is being used by scientists across the world. The latest - it can successfully beat humans on reading but apparently cannot comprehend what it's read, giving us hope that we may not have smart robot overlords. [Quanta]

Gaming The US Criminal Justice System AI
The MIT launched a fascinating game where you can help assess whether or not you can influence an AI that the US criminal legal system uses to try to make the judicial process less biased. [Technology Review]


Robots Are Also Making Rockets
Relativity Space has massive AI-powered robots that can 3-D print entire rockets. And while they are the first to make entire rockets via 3-D tech, SpaceX, Blue Origin, Rocket Lab, and others are using it to print select parts. [Wired]


Making Data Science More People-Centered
In an interview with Forbes, Singularity's David Bray shares his thoughts on how the current trend of how we are instrumenting the planet + the ever-increasing volume of data are going to create more challenges for humankind before we reap any rewards. [Forbes]




intent marketing


Marketing Intent(ionally)
Quick primer on intent marketing, how to interpret signals, and ways to leverage the data [Infogroup Blog]


It Was Just Desserts, All Week
To celebrate National Dessert Day (alas, on a Monday this year) we dropped our annual list of the top 10 cities for desserts plus a data visualization where you can explore the top dessert businesses for any state.


Data Viz Of The Week

Chart courtesy of AdWeek

Interbrand's annual ranking of the top global brands. See full details, plus year over year data on Interbrand's site here.


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