September 27, 2019

Trending in the News: Amazon, Oracle, and Microsoft

Zohray Brennan - Director, Content
Trending in the News: Amazon, Oracle, and Microsoft

Welcome to the 2nd issue of our weekly newsletter on data and related innovations. Trending: Amazon is determined to win the voice assistant wars, the latest on the CCPA, gif data, “data dignity,” and ad agencies $12M data creative fail. Plus our latest news and a chart for your data-viewing pleasure.


In The News

Amazon Had A Busy Week

Amazon unveiled numerous Alexa-powered data-collecting products, ranging from wearables and a combo microwave and air fryer, to the Echo Show camera feature that can recognize pantry items as you can see from the video above. Could this onslaught be due to the fact sales of Google’s Nest device are predicted to surpass Amazon’s Echo in the next 2 years? [WSJ]


Brace For Even More Branded Gifs

Marketers have always loved understanding consumer behavior via gif data. With their recent Oracle Data Cloud’s Moat partnership, Giphy can now deliver details on viewability and delivery data to brand marketers. [Adweek]


Agencies Spent $12M On Data, 100% Integration TBD

Ad agencies’ media divisions successfully figured out how to utilize the data platforms their holding companies acquired. However, turning that “audience data into a human-centric truth” has yet to materialize for their creative clients. [AdExchanger]


“Data Dignity” – It’s Not What You Think It Is

In what was previously “Project Bali” and what some may perceive to be a clap-back at Google’s and Apple’s privacy initiatives, Microsoft’s “ Data Dignity” will give users control over their data – plus the ability to sell it. [ZD Net]


The CCPA Terrifies Silicon Valley, Possibly

The GDPR rollout was chaotic for global US companies but most businesses are taking a wait-and-see approach for the 2020 California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA). [eMarketer]

+ While TechCrunch swears Silicon Valley is terrified. They tend to be pretty reliable with rumors so we’ll roll with it.




F&W Dishes Out Thoughts on the Best City for Desserts

Food & Wine’s Mike Pomranz digs into our data of the top 10 cities for dessert businesses, trying to correlate his love for Dominique Ansel and the #1 town on the list – Ocean City NJ. [F&W]


Small Home and Garden Businesses Are Thriving

Home Depot and Lowe’s aren’t the only home and garden businesses doing well. We dived into our business database and found out small shops were thriving just as well, thanks to the “healthy home remodeling” trend. [Infogroup]


Chart of the Week


An easy if colorful way of showing the most common applications of AI via Forbes. And if you need a refresh on machine learning, deep learning, AI and ML, Datanami has you covered.

Food For Thought



“Getting information off the Internet is like taking a drink from a fire hydrant.”


Mitchell Kapor, co-founder of the Electronic Frontier Foundation. The quote was his twist on the description of education at MIT