June 17, 2019

The Secret Behind the Most Effective Lead Generation

By Salesgenie Staff
The Secret Behind the Most Effective Lead Generation

Lead generation is critical to sales organizations. Strong lead generation is key to company growth and aids in the retention of sales staff. Many organizations struggle with lead retention, but it's an easily solvable problem with the correct tools.

The most effective lead generation begins with targeting the correct audience. An Infogroup consumer survey on the Power of Personalization found that  93% of consumers have been marketing products or services that are irrelevant to them, and 90% of consumers find this "annoying." In fact, 44% of consumers are willing to switch to brands who better personalize communication. Don't start off your campaign by annoying and alienating an audience that you might want to sell too in the future. Start your campaign off on a good note, by only targeting the correct audience.

How do you find your target audience? By utilizing clean data.

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