July 5, 2019

3 Genius Ways AI Improves Email Marketing

Kyle Henderick - Senior Director, Client Services, Yes Marketing
3 Genius Ways AI Improves Email Marketing

Artificial intelligence (AI) has captivated the media with its potential to change our lives and improve applications from robots to hyper-personalization. More than anyone, email marketers are excited to learn about the impact AI may have on driving engagement and improving efficiency. As it stands, many marketers are still unsure how to apply AI in practice, which means unrealized potential and unrealistic expectations fueled by vendors who eagerly sell AI solutions without communicating its explicit value to marketers.

The truth is that AI is not a panacea for the bulk of marketers’ pain points, and it’s not going to displace marketing or sales teams any time soon. That’s because implemented correctly, AI algorithms call for a deep reservoir of data, significant technology investment, and a data savvy team to manage it all. That being said, there are exciting ways that AI can help marketers maximize engagement and conversions.

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