November 25, 2019

Your Guide to Small Business Saturday

By Natasia Langfelder - Content Marketing Manager

According to the Small Business Association, small businesses make up 99% of American businesses. 

Since its inception in 2010, Small Business Saturday encourages consumers to shop local and support small businesses. Each year, Small Business Saturday is celebrated on the day after the big-box store blowouts of Black Friday. This year, Small Business Saturday is on November 30th.

Infogroup and our customers have supported small businesses since 1972. We have over 10.4 million small businesses in our verified business database. These businesses are located in the United States and Canada, they employ anywhere between 1-100 employees, and cover a wide variety of industries such as dining, beauty, landscaping, contracting, childcare and more.

We also have insights centered around these businesses including greenscore/eco-friendliness, social media and website links, type of cuisine or happy hour data for bars and restaurants, payment types, hours of operation, phone number, and much more.

In the last 12 months, Infogroup has verified over 8.5 million of these small businesses either by telephone, social activity, website traffic, community feedback and more.

Best Practices for Marketing to Small Businesses

  1. Be a Time-Saver: The most precious resource a small business has is time. Owners of small businesses quickly find the lines between their work and home life blurred as they struggle to find the hours in the day to get everything done. Stress how your company will be able to help manage their time and shave a few minutes or hours off their day.
  2. Be a One-Stop-Shop: Small business owners must wear many hats; it’s easier for them if their vendors do so as well. It takes a lot of time time to source, vet, contract with and manage each vendor so dealing with too many vendors can put a small business owner in the weeds. Emphasize from the get-go how many problems you can solve for small business clients.
  3. Be Creative: Unlike a large corporation, which benefits from many diverse and experienced voices, a small business owner might be operating with just their own. Don’t be afraid to offer up new ideas or challenge their current way of operating. Just be sure to show them how your company can help them be faster, better, and more efficient.
  4. Remember the Stakes are High: Unlike a large company, for many small businesses, every decision can have major implications. Before you label a small business owner as “hard to work with” or “too demanding,” remember the context.

How to Support Your Clients on Small Business Saturday

  • Discounts

Staying competitive as a small business is hard, especially when large companies have more money and manpower behind their marketing efforts. Give your small business clients a discount in honor of their special day.

  • Purchases

Nothing supports a small business quite like a sale! Add to their bottom line with a purchase.

  • Social Media Support 

You probably have a much bigger social media presence than your small and local business clients – many of whom might not have the time and resources to build a robust social media presence. Give them a shout out and send some followers their way.

How YOU Can Reach Small Businesses

  • Data Axle: Data Axle is the proprietary real-time data platform from Infogroup that allows businesses to efficiently enrich, match, append, and prospect. This innovative platform gives you access to Infogroup’s premium data through products, APIs and integrations. Our small business data is robust, constantly updated and human-verified. Data Axle’s Search API allows users to scope by geolocation boundaries, and filter across any attribute.
  • Salesgenie: Salesgenie is a one-stop-shop for both small businesses and those looking to market to them. The Salesgenie database offers dozens of selections to narrow your search including industry, location, income, ZIP Code, age, and more, as well as delivers your messages and manages your leads.

Contact us for more information on Data Axle or Salesgenie.