September 15, 2010

Infogroup Interactive Announces Yesmail Enterprise 7 Cross-Channel Marketing Platform

Infogroup Interactive Announces Yesmail Enterprise 7 Cross-Channel Marketing Platform

Powerful, Next-Gen Technology for Marketing Campaign Management, Data Management, Analytics and Business Intelligence

(Portland, OR) – Infogroup Interactive, announced today the launch of Yesmail Enterprise 7, the next-generation technology platform for cross-channel marketing that allows digital marketers to create, execute and analyze campaigns within a single environment. With Enterprise 7, marketers can now seamlessly execute campaigns simultaneously via e-mail, web, social and direct mail; in addition to integrate, upload and manage complex datasets without having to switch between standard CRM and database marketing solutions. Enterprise 7 is the flagship platform that powers Yesmail’s Enterprise e-mail marketing clients, and was awarded the highest score in the Current Offering Category in The Forrester WaveTM: E-mail Marketing Service Providers, Q4 2009 (Forrester Research, Inc., December 2009).

Marketers who run integrated marketing campaigns across numerous channels will appreciate the efficiency provided by Enterprise 7 to plan and execute cross-channel campaigns within a single environment and analyze information from a central dashboard. With Enterprise 7’s powerful e-mail, social and mobile marketing features, marketers can easily adapt and integrate their campaigns and measure performance to understand how multiple channels are influencing one another and overall campaign effectiveness.

Enterprise 7 keeps marketers effectively focused by bringing development, execution and reporting into a centralized working environment. This integrated single platform approach removes the lag-time between campaign execution, basic reporting and analysis creating a real-time marketing cycle; learn what happened today, take action tomorrow.

According to Forrester’s 2010 North American Interactive Marketing Predictions report, “interactive marketing is about creating a relationship strategy and then identifying the interactive channels needed for support. This means siloed search marketing, e-mail marketing, or online advertising strategies will give way to customer-centric strategies that balance user need with business goals.”

“Enterprise 7 supports the customer-centric strategies the industry is demanding today and really changes the nature of digital marketing by bringing powerful features together in a way that delivers seamless cross-channel campaign management,” said Mike Hilts, President of Infogroup Interactive. “This frees marketers from the burden of switching between numerous solutions to build and execute e-mail, social and mobile marketing campaigns, and intelligently compresses the timeline usually required for detailed analysis.” Hilts also emphasized that “with Enterprise 7 marketers have a choice to bring these critical solutions together when the time is right, due to a modular framework of components and optional packages. Buy and use only what you need.”

“Enterprise 7 is unique in the market as a modular solution, configurable with advanced option packages for campaign management, data management and business intelligence and analytics,” said Ann Kennedy, Infogroup’s Senior Vice President of Product and Data Innovation. “Enterprise 7 is another example of Infogroup’s focus on new products and services and is the latest in a series of Infogroup products released to continually improve client effectiveness.”

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Infogroup Interactive is a subsidiary within the Services Group segment, with industry-leading e-mail marketing solutions under the Yesmail product line and industry leading digital acquisition and media solutions under the Walter Karl product line. Built on a solid core of innovative technology, Infogroup Interactive offers a complete portfolio of digital solutions and services for marketers who need unified, market-leading digital customer acquisition and retention solutions for cohesive multi-channel lead generation programs. Infogroup Interactive empowers marketers to develop, execute and analyze comprehensive, crosschannel marketing campaigns using e-mail, mobile and SMS, social media, direct marketing media and web-based applications. Infogroup Interactive was founded in 2010 with corporate headquarters in Portland, Oregon and offices in Atlanta, Austin, Boulder, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York, Omaha, Pearl River, Toronto, London and Singapore.

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