April 5, 2012

Infogroup Nonprofit Solutions Signs Agreements with Five Leading Nonprofit Charities

Infogroup Nonprofit Solutions, a leader in increasing donor acquisition and fully integrated marketing solutions for nonprofit clients, today announced that it has signed agreements to provide services to several nonprofit organizations: League of Women Voters (LWV), National Organization for Women (NOW), Last Chance for Animals(LCA), International Animal Rescue (IAR) and In Defense of Animals (IDA).

Infogroup Nonprofit Solutions Signs Agreements with Five Leading Nonprofit Charities

Infogroup's Deep Expertise in Nonprofit Fundraising to Support Charities’ Missions: LWV, NOW, LCA, IAR and IDA

(OMAHA, NE) – April 05, 2012 – Infogroup Nonprofit Solutions, a leader in increasing donor acquisition and fully integrated marketing solutions for nonprofit clients, today announced that it has signed agreements to provide services to several nonprofit organizations: League of Women Voters (LWV), National Organization for Women (NOW), Last Chance for Animals(LCA), International Animal Rescue (IAR) and In Defense of Animals (IDA).

Two of these new client wins were brokered by Liz Richardson, Executive Broker, Infogroup Nonprofit Solutions.

  • The League of Women Voters (LWV) is a citizens’ organization that has fought since 1920 to improve our government and engage all citizens in the decisions that impact their lives.

    Infogroup will support LWV’S mission with list brokerage, list management, data processing,  merge/purge, as well as fulfillment for direct mail fundraising.


  • National Organization for Women (NOW) based in Washington, DC, has been taking action politically and legislatively to advance women’s rights since 1966.

    NOW will be utilizing Infogroup’s list brokerage and list management services for fundraising in addition to their current services: list fulfillment, data processing and merge/purge. Infogroup will be working with agency, Mal Warwick Associates.

The other wins, were brokered by Shirley Schoevaars, Executive Broker, Infogroup Nonprofit Solutions. Infogroup will aid all of these charities with acquisition membership through their list brokerage and management services. 

  • Last Chance for Animals (LCA), a national animal rights organization based in Los Angeles.
  • International Animal Rescue (IAR), which comes to the aid of suffering animals around the world.
  • In Defense of Animals (IDA), is an international animal protection organization dedicated to ending the abuse and exploitation of animals by protecting their rights and welfare. 

“Infogroup’s experience and knowledge of nonprofit fundraising efforts allows us to effectively cultivate new and existing relationships that are absolutely critical to the current and future operations of these charities,” said Gretchen Littlefield, President of Infogroup Nonprofit Solutions. “We are looking forward to a successful partnership with The League of Women Voters and the National Organization for Women as they help educate people on major public policy issues. Our wins with the Animal Charities were based on a trusted relationship developed with these clients from our expertise and dedication to their success. These wins are exemplary of the agility with which we provide our services to a wide breadth of clientele. We are excited to deliver for these new clients and expect that others will take notice.”

For more information about the LWV and NOW managed files, please contact Peggy O’Keefe, Vice President List Management (peggy.okeefe@infogroup.com) or Cindi Nowatnick, Account Manager, List Management (cindi.nowatnick@infogroup.com). For more information about the LCA, IAP and IDA, please contact Deb Cunningham (deb.cunningham@infogroup.com).
For more details on the datacards, please click the following links: LWV datacard, NOW datacard, LCA datacard, IAR datacard and IDA datacard.

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