November 4, 2019

Infogroup Unveils Innovative New Data Axle Features and Insights

Infogroup Releases New Self Sign-Up Feature and Adds Millions of Records and Insights To Its Proprietary Real-Time Data Platform

DALLAS — Nov. 4, 2019 — Infogroup, a leading provider of data and data-driven marketing solutions, today unveiled new features for its Data Axle platform, including the ability to test Data Axle for free, a pre-built integration for CRM, and millions of additional contact and vehicle ownership insights. The latest release furthers Infogroup’s commitment to innovation, as evidenced in its ambitious product and features roadmap for 2019 and beyond.

“With these new features, we continue to make Data Axle more powerful and robust, as the single source of real-time access to Infogroup’s industry-leading databases,” said Mike Iaccarino, chairman and CEO of Infogroup.

The newly released Data Axle features include:

  • A free trial that enables users to test Data Axle’s data and APIs
  • Additional data for 54 million unique contacts, deduplicated by first and last name
  • Vehicle ownership data assigned to 151 million people and 65 million families, with 11 key insights, including number of vehicles, make, model and date acquired
  • A pre-built CRM integration

“Today, Data Axle provides our clients access to insights on nearly every household and business in the U.S. and Canada including detailed firmographics and demographics that define key segments and expand digital reach,” said Matthew Higgins, chief technology officer for Data Axle at Infogroup. “Our unified platform offers multiple, intuitive ways for clients to leverage our data through products, APIs and integrations.”

These new features and data assets build on Data Axle’s strong core, which includes support from Infogroup’s data team and a full suite of APIs that enable developers to integrate data directly into their own products and apps. Data Axle provides developers with access to specific datasets, or the entire Infogroup database, as well as access to detailed information, including data guides, data dictionaries, API documentation, popular queries, and more.

About Infogroup
Infogroup is a leading provider of data and data-driven marketing solutions for salespeople, marketers, and professionals. The company’s solutions are powered by its proprietary business and consumer databases and supplemented by client and third party data. Clients range from Fortune 500 enterprises and local businesses to not-for-profit and political organizations. Infogroup’s cloud-based Data Axle technology allows for real-time updates to its business and consumer data files, and also provides clients with a real-time API delivery platform for the most accurate and up-to-date information to support their marketing and business needs. Infogroup has 45+ years of history creating its own data and makes 24+ million verification calls per year to ensure data quality. For more information, visit