August 16, 2010

Infogroup’s OneSource iSell Offers One of the Fastest Way to Uncover Sales Opportunities

Infogroup’s OneSource iSell Offers One of the Fastest Way to Uncover Sales Opportunities

Leading Sales Intelligence Solution Adds Web-Monitoring Capabilities to Identify Management Changes Not Announced in the News

(CONCORD, MA) –OneSource, an Infogroup company and the leader in B2B sales intelligence, today announced new capabilities offering the fastest way to uncover sales opportunities from management changes.

New web-monitoring capabilities automatically recognize additions, subtractions and editorial changes to corporate website management pages, making sales professionals aware of executive changes not announced in the news. They also track job postings to alert for changing business needs based on where companies are making headcount investments. The new capabilities expand iSell’s sales triggers, now uncovering information about key organizational changes beyond news events.

“Management changes are critical indicators of new sales opportunities. By offering the fastest way to uncover these changes, iSell helps sales professionals find opportunities before their competition and win more deals,” said Phil Garlick, President of OneSource. “Our goal with iSell is to help sales professionals uncover the best sales opportunities and empower them with the information they need to close business faster.”

These enhancements will be automatically incorporated into OneSource iSell. Launched earlier this year, OneSource iSell has taken sales prospecting to the next level by finding, prioritizing and delivering the hottest sales opportunities directly to sales professionals. It offers over 20 types of sales triggers – examples include executive changes, funding announcements, mergers and acquisitions and product launches. Prospects are prioritized continuously for each salesperson based on relevance to their territory or focus area and timing of critical sales triggers.

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