August 20, 2019

One In Three Americans Say They Give Money to Charity 5+ Times Per Year

Infogroup reports findings in Americans’ charitable propensities

DALLAS — August 20, 2019 — Americans enjoy giving to charity — and they’re much more likely to donate to causes that impact their friends, family and communities, according to a new report from Infogroup.

Infogroup asked 1,059 American adults about their charitable practices and weighted the responses for a representative sample of the U.S. population. Among the findings: 55% of respondents say they give to causes that have impacted them personally or people they know.

Consumers are driven to give most when they understand the context behind the need. Effective communication is vital. According to the report, nearly three in four Americans donated to an organization that clearly communicated its need for donations.

Other notable findings from the report include:

    • 79% of respondents donate money to charity because it makes them feel good to help others
    • 47% of women say they give when they feel emotionally moved by someone’s story (compared to 33% of men)
    • Fewer than half of donors were given a follow-up as to how their donation was used

Read the full “Americans Love to Give” report.

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