The Insurer’s Guide to Marketing Data

To remain competitive during a time of disruption from digital-only competitors and consumer demands for tailored service, insurance brands need to leverage consumer data to drive results.

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Intent Marketing Inside Out

Discover how you can read the signals your customers are sending as they progress through the purchase cycle, and tailor a personalized marketing approach that meets them where they are at and accelerates the path to conversation.

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Marketers Need to Face the Inconvenient Truth of Data Pollution

The average amount of marketing dollars spent on customer data and analytics has nearly doubled over the past two years. Yet over two-thirds of sales and marketing professionals claim that they experience challenges in all stages of the data process—from collecting and organizing data to analyzing it and acting on insights.

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The Power of Connection

Marketers know the importance of personalization. However, most don’t know how to use personalization to drive an authentic connection with audiences. Infogroup’s research lays out the crucial steps that brands must take to establish a lasting bond.

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The Surprising Strength of Direct Mail Marketing

Direct mail is often an afterthought in a marketer’s advertising strategy. However, direct mail has a strong influence on purchasing decisions. Infogroup found that 58% of consumers are regularly reading direct mail, and a hefty 40% would consider making a purchase

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The Power of Personalization

More consumers than ever before have indicated that personalized messaging is crucial in marketing communications. In fact, almost half are willing to switch to brands that personalize their messaging.

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The Forrester Wave™: B2B Marketing Data Providers, Q3 2018

The 12 Most Significant B2B Data Providers in the Industry, Ranked. Today’s B2B marketers and salespeople are striving to make authentic connections with their audiences. High quality data and intelligence are critical elements for achieving this goal. Recently, Forrester took a look at the current state of the B2B data industry — the players, the use cases, the solutions, and what’s on the horizon.

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