2020 Digital Marketing Trends

What are the biggest digital marketing trends that will define savvy brands’ growth strategies in 2020? For starters, our experts agree that we’ll see an increase in the number of ways marketers can connect with their audiences. See what other innovations marketers should know about.

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In Search of the Cities With the Most “Foodies”

In Regards to Regalement… Infogroup is dedicated to providing insightful information that helps marketers better understand their customers as described by big data. In an ongoing series of insight studies, Infogroup has authored a new study that answers the question, “Where do Foodies live?” The first part of this question requires defining what exactly is […]

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In Search of the Top Small Town Vacation Hotspot

If They Come, You Will Build It Infogroup has been helping its customers market their products and services since 1972 with high quality data. It also provides insights to its customers to help them make the right direct marketing decisions. In a previous study, it examined the positive correlation between green businesses and coffee lovers. It […]

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Brown and Green Go Together: A Study of Coffee Shops and Green Cities

Our study looked at 728 cities with a population of more than 50,000 and their love for coffee shops and found a correlation between the cities with the most coffee shops and their affinity to be green. To compile the list of the top 10 cities, we overlaid data from both our business and consumer […]

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