It’s Not Just About the Data. It’s About What We Do With It.

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Our Data

Accurate, quality data is the backbone of any intelligent program for any business. We maintain a profound well of information that can make a notable impact throughout your company.

Our solutions are powered by our proprietary business and consumer databases and supplemented by client and third-party data.

300+ data technicians make up our databases in our Omaha data factory to capture, validate, and enhance our data.

We utilize all types of data collection methods including crawling, phone surveys, third-party surveys, and crowdsourcing.

Our Data
Our Business Database

Our Business Database

Every day businesses change, grow, and modify key information. We tirelessly work to capture these details to ensure the data that powers your programs is clean, robust, and always up to date.

How We Source and Maintain Our Business Data

  • Our business database is compiled of over 4,000 sources.
  • Our technicians make over 24MM phone calls a year to verify our data is accurate and up to date.

The breadth and depth of the database is so large it would take an entire website to show you it all. Therefore, here is just a taste of what our business database provides:

  • 15MM verified U.S. businesses.
  • More than 1MM Canadian businesses.
  • 61MM business contacts.

Our Consumer Database

The modern consumer is predictably unpredictable. But with the power of a robust consumer database by your side, knowing who your customer is and what they’re interested in erases the guesswork and helps your company target and message with pinpoint accuracy.
How We Source and Maintain Our Consumer Data
We leverage 90 unique data sources to compile our consumer data.

  • Real Estate and Mortgages
  • Voter Registration
  • Consumer Transactions
  • Offline Subscriptions

The database is so full it would take an entire morning to show you it all. Therefore, here is just a taste of what our consumer database has to offer:

  • 300MM individuals enhanced with demographic information.
  • 184MM households.
  • 84MM homeowners.
  • 105MM consumer email addresses.
Our Consumer Database

Our Specialty Databases

Blend second and third party data to create unique data assets.
Combine and create specialty datasets for targeted use cases like:

Apogee for donation history.

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Sapphire™ for robust business data portal.

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Marketing Genetics for transactional consumer data.

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ExecuReach for combined consumer and business data.

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Intelligent Data Delivery with Data Axle®

Intelligent Data Delivery with Data Axle®

Our most innovative delivery method is Data Axle®, a proprietary, cloud-based, real-time data access delivery platform for making an impact on your ROI right out of the gate.

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Our Industry Verticals


We can infuse your sales and marketing processes with sophisticated data solutions to impact your bottom line.

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Small/Mid-Sized Business

By fortifying your prospecting, marketing, and retention strategies, we can help you prime your business for healthy growth.

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Nonprofit and Political

We can help with data processing, donor lists, strategic planning, and more to attract the right people with the right interests.

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Whether you’re in need of a simple direct mail strategy or help building a full marketing program, our agencies are poised to step in.

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Better serve your constituents with data that helps governing bodies—from federal to state to local—make smarter decisions.

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Target marketing lists, devise smarter marketing solutions, monitor ongoing sales leads, and more.

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Library and Academia

Create better programs, provide better services, and deliver the right messages to your patrons with our adept data.

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