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One Platform, All Our Data

Data Axle®

We compile and deliver information in real time. Access our databases through interfaces, APIs, and delivery options.

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Cross-Channel Scalable Audiences

Digital Audience Solutions

Access standard and custom audiences to improve your campaigns across connected devices, display, social, and more.

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A Powerful Suite of Multichannel Solutions


Boost your organization’s sales, revenue, and brand identity with a full gamut of B2B marketing solutions.

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An Expertly-Guided Donor Cooperative


Improve donor acquisition with superior data-based strategies and techniques.

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Bump Up Your ROI


Target marketing lists, devise smarter marketing solutions, monitor ongoing sales leads, and more.

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Real Time Data. Effective Outcomes.


Grow your pipeline, improve lead scoring, and maintain data integrity by integrating data and prospecting into your CRM.

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Trusted Insights for Powering Success

Data Licensing

Get a comprehensive database that powers your products and technology with customizable, scalable, trusted data.

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Find, Acquire, and Retain Customers


Improve sales prospecting, cold calling, lead management capabilities, sales team tracking, and ROI with one tool.

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Efficiently Find Targeted Leads

Salesgenie™ Enterprise

Discover new leads, enrich enormous swaths of data, and seamlessly flow into your CRM.

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Our Data Boosts Your Success

Data Processing and Enrichment

Our databases are robust and refined so that mailing lists, email databases, and data enrichment make a prompt difference.

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A Strategic Marketing Partner

Yes Marketing

Our award-winning team can be your end-to-end in-house marketing department or your strategic execution partner.

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Be There for Customers When it Matters Most

Life Event Data

Get real-time data to identify and engage individuals as they enter a new stage of their life

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Reach Business Owners at Home


Identify your business-owning customers so you can open new cross-selling opportunities.

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Quality Leads. Better Results.

Partner-Based Marketing

Accelerate your email database growth with our Lead-Gen network and data intelligence

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Smarter Risk Management


Get simple, transparent business credit report data and UCC lists for your credit decisioning and risk management needs.

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Transactional Data that Fuels Insights

Marketing Genetics (MGEN)

Get product purchase detail down to recency, frequency, and spend as well as your lifestyle, interests, and more.

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A Library Research and Reference Tool


Grow your library by increasing cardholders, event attendance, and providing tools for your community.

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Fundraising and Acquisition Expertise

Anne Lewis Strategies

Get fundraising, list growth, engagement, advocacy, and social reach in your corner.

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See Real-Time Buying Interests

Intent Data

By pinpointing prospects’ recent behaviors and signals of interest you can know that they’re in-market for what you’re selling.

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Increase Search Visibility, Listing Accuracy

Express Update

We automatically distribute your listings to our vast network who pushes them out to local platforms for better visibility.

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Say Goodbye to Coding

Email Builder

An intuitive interface allows you to create beautiful, responsive, and compliant email creative without HTML.

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Land in More Inboxes


When troubles with email deliverability arise, we deploy our best-in-class solution to make an immediate difference.

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Keep an Eye on Your Competitors

Market Intelligence

Track, view, and analyze your competitors’ digital campaigns across six major channels.

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Targeting, Retention, and Activation


Our robust database solutions put business intelligence and customer engagement tools at your fingertips.

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Get Data That Sees Results

Managed Data

We deliver lists and media files for mailers, marketers, and brokers seeking precisely targeted audiences.

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Find Your Brand’s Best Advocates

Customer Generator

Let your audience do the work for you; empower them to drive digital word-of-mouth and organic subscriber growth.

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Find New Customers


Technology and analytics meet clean, robust databases so you can improve your marketing campaigns.

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A Pillar of Your Marketing Strategy

Insert Media

We help with the management, circulation planning, and more to boost your insert media strategy.

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Improve Targeting With Predictive Modeling

TargetReady Models®

Find and learn about prospects with high accuracy so you can craft sharp messaging and watertight strategy.

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Responsive Lists From All Categories


Buyer, subscriber, and donor information in one powerful, blind database. This is the gold standard for response.

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Innovative Library Communication


Get to know your library patrons and potential visitors to attract and keep them coming back for years to come.

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Reach Registered Voters


Records include party affiliation and targeting on geographical levels for finding the right people.

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The Information You Need

Polk City Directories

Printed directories, CDs/DVDs, and convenient online databases help you find prospects and customers.

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Information at Your Fingertips

Hill-Donn InfoUSA City Directories

Get business and consumer information and the ability to reverse location and phone lookup and more.

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