Rohit Chowdhury
Chief Data Officer

Rohit Chowdhury manages data strategy and operations for Infogroup, leading a team of 300 plus people. He oversees the creation and delivery of all proprietary data assets for the company and has over 15 years of extensive Infogroup database expertise.

Prior to this role, Rohit managed over 100 partnerships, building and growing alliances in domestic and international markets. He was also responsible for development of all proprietary database models and products such as GeoDNA, TargetReady, InfoPersona, and more. Additionally, he directed the sourcing and assimilating of high quality raw data to fuel Infogroup’s business and consumer data products. Furthermore, Rohit contributed to the company’s digital strategy as well as being instrumental in deploying Infogroup’s data assets into the digital ecosystem to be utilized for display, mobile, retargeting and more.

Prior to joining Infogroup Rohit worked in corporate brand management for a sizeable hotel chain, as well as a full-service advertising firm. He earned his MBA from Northwestern University and his BA in Economics from Delhi University, India.